Load Up Your Laundry Room With These Tips

If there is one space in the house that isn’t upgraded enough, it’s the laundry room. People spend so much time and money wondering how they can redo their kitchens and bathrooms, and not enough time on the space that they spend most of their time washing and drying their clothes. It’s usually a room that is relegated to basements and that little side room by the back door; it’s redundant for most. The thing is, the laundry room is an extremely functional and necessary room in the home that deserves your full attention.


The good thing is that most homeowners are waking up to the usefulness of the laundry room. They’re making sure that the laundry room has the as much smart technology, upgraded equipment and a lick of paint as much as any other room in the house. Let’s be honest, if you don’t spend time learning how to vent a washing machine you’re going to have problems when yours breaks down. You can call in the professionals, sure, but the first thing that you have to do with any laundry room is making sure that you have renovated the space the right way in the first place to prevent things breaking down.

Boosting the function of your laundry room means you have to go in fully loaded with ideas and creative thinking, and below you’ll find some of the best tips around:


A laundry room is not just a space for the washer and dryer to hang out while you wash them. You need to make a list of the other functional items that can belong there, such as a space to iron. Think about illuminating workspaces to fold your clothes and low hanging lights for over the ironing board. It’s a small space, which means big lighting has a place for it.


Some people install a utility sink to scrub out boots and outdoor coats and sports gear before they’re stored away on coat hooks and shoe racks. If your kids are of the adventurous type, think about getting a sink installed in your utility room, too.

Hanging Racks

You have a whole room to use, but not a lot of floor space. Installing hanging racks up high can make it much easier to air dry delicates and hang the shirts up after they are ironed. It’s easier to iron and hang there before you move the clean laundry to the bedroom closets.


Installing cabinets high up can give you a space to store detergent and other washing items, so that little hands don’t get around the bottles of bleach or ironing water.



Any materials that you choose to upgrade your laundry room with should be waterproof; just in case of spillage. This way, you can prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Your laundry space should be functional, beautiful and efficient; it needs your undivided attention, so make sure you make a good effort to have a space that isn’t just shoved to the back of the priority list.


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