Looking After Your Back For Lifelong Health

It’s always the way. You don’t truly appreciate what your body can do until you’ve lost the ability to do it. Whether it’s the ability to run a mile, turn a cartwheel or even get to the top of the stairs without getting out of breath we can fall into the trap of taking our bodies for granted. When we’re young and healthy we can assume that our bodies will go on doing what they can do now forever whether we look after ourselves or not. But the truth is that unless we take the steps to look after our health now we can find ourselves facing serious health issues later in life.


If we fail to eat right and rely on processed convenience foods we can find our bodies succumbing to diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer since processed meats are type 1 carcinogens, which is the same category as cigarettes. If we spend too much time sitting it can permanently affect our posture which in turn can lead to digestive issues and a range of other health problems. And if we fail to look after our spines it can lead to a range of mobility issues and even permanent disability. While a lawyer can help you with a disability insurance claim; see https://www.longtermdisabilitylawyer.com/disabling-conditions/back-neck-spinal-cord-disabilities/ for more details, we can be better employees, better friends, better partners, better parents and better people if we look after our spinal health now. Here are some ways in which we can do just that…


Warm up and cool down at the gym

I get it. You want to stay in great shape but your work and life demands don’t allow you much time to do it. You’re busy, you’re stressed and you only have a narrow window in which to squeeze your rigorous exercise regimen. But no matter how inconvenient it may seem, you need to make the time to properly warm up and cool down at the gym. Failing to do so can seriously damage muscle tissues supporting your joints and lead to long-term mobility issues. Stretch your muscles and raise your body temperature before working out and remember that your lifting technique is always way more important than how much you’re lifting.


Find reasons to get away from your desk

We human beings spend a lot of time sitting. We sit at the breakfast table. Sit in the car on the way to work and sit for 8-12 hours a day at work before coming home and collapsing onto the sofa for a few more hours of sitting. All this sitting can wreak havoc with our spinal health. It can lead to the spinal curvature that creates a range of health problems and also makes us look less than our best. Create reasons to get up and move around at least once every half hour.


Invest in a really good mattress

A good mattress is perhaps one of your most valuable weapons in the battle for spinal health. It can give your spine support while also ensuring that you get a great night’s sleep. And sleep is enormously important for helping damaged tissue to heal.

When you look after your back you can look forward to a lifetime of good health.


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