Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas For A Small Home

Now that the summer is truly over and we are coming into the colder half of the year, one thing which we can think about is making our home party-ready in time for the festive season. Now is the ideal time to paint the walls and retile the floors and the bathroom, in particular, can be a great place to start. It isn’t often we change the bathroom, and if you haven’t thought of changing it for some time, it can be looking a little drab and dull. Here are some of the ways you can make your bathroom feel more luxurious for the winter.


Use bigger tiles

When it comes to choosing the tiles for your walls you might think that only the color or pattern matters, however, the size can make a big difference too. When you use larger tiles the walls and floors look more seamless and this brings a huge air or luxury to the room before you even start doing anything else. Think about finding the biggest wall and floor tiles you can for a stunning theme.


Get a claw foot bath

The main feature of a bathroom is always going to be the bath, and this is the feature which takes up the most room and it is what people will notice right away when they visit the room. For a more luxurious and spacious looking bathroom you can but a bath from Lusso Stone with claw feet which will create space underneath the bath and make the room look and feel larger than it really is. It means that even the smallest bathroom will look luxurious and people will want to stay in there longer to admire the space.


Integrate your sink and toilet

To save a lot of space right away in the bathroom a great idea would be to get a unit which will integrate the toilet and the sink in one place and hide all of those ugly pipes. You can save space and make the room feel sleeker in an instant and it can look amazing.


Use a vertical radiator

Rather than having a massive white radiator which takes up the space of the whole room, why not instead think about having a vertical chrome radiator which only takes up space vertically and therefore saves you some valuable wall area to use for something else. A chrome radiator will always look stunning and it can truly change the whole look and feel of the room.


Go high with storage

As well as saving wall space with the radiator, you can apply the same logic to the storage in the room and bring a tallboy unit into the corner of the room which stretches from floor to ceiling. It will be able to store all of your body washes and shampoo without encroaching too much on the limited space you have. It will make the room feel more put together and give you somewhere to hide your bits and bobs.


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