Make Your Home Cozy In Time For Winter

Although the summer heat seems to be clinging on for longer than ever before, most of us are starting to experience a very sharp turn in the weather. We have darker days to complement the cold, wind, and rain, too, which can make the world feel a very unwelcoming, uncomfortable place. Your home is going to be the best bastion against the seasons, however. That’s why it’s time to put a little effort into creating the coziest space possible.


Clutter be gone

The spring clean isn’t the only big clean of the year you should be undertaking. Mess gets all the more unbearable in the fall and the winter, as many have spotted. There’s not as much natural light, which means that the shadows of the home grow and clutter can make them grow all the more visible. What’s more, dust tends to gather around clutter all the more, meaning that your usual household chores take even longer. Take the time to declutter the home before the season really starts to settle in so it’s not constantly on your mind. After all, it’s been proven that a cluttered home is a genuine source of stress for many.


Warm up your windows

As mentioned, you’re not going to get as much natural light in the windows as you do in the spring and the summer. For that reason, trying to maximize your home’s exposure to sunlight isn’t as effective. Instead, you want to create a better shield against the cold outside, to retain more of the interior heat, and to frame your windows in a more comfortable looking way. Moving for cozier window treatments and even adding a warm window system can help them become much more suitable for the cold. If you haven’t had your windows inspected in a few years, don’t neglect to check for air leaks. If you can feel even the slightest breeze when the window is closed, it means there’s a gap that could suck out all your heating.


Accent the home with a little lighting

You’re not going to have as much natural light, so does that mean you should simply let the house get darker? Of course not. If you don’t already have accent lighting installed in the home, then take a closer look at Kuzco home lighting. Your main light fixture can provide plenty of visibility, but extra fixtures on the walls or over desks can help not only add some practicality, but they lend a warmer look to the home. What’s more, accent lighting is great late in the night, when you don’t want the main lights on, but you want a nice cozy glow instead. A dimmer switch can help, too, of course, but doesn’t offer as much control over where your light hits.


Add some warmth underfoot

If you have a carpet, you don’t need to worry about this as much. However, nowadays, hard floor surfaces, such as hardwood, laminate, and even stone are becoming much more common. If you don’t have underfloor heating, this can become a real pain in the winter. First of all, it’s good to have a slipper station near the door so that you can make those first steps in comfort. Either way, you want to think about investing in area rugs if you don’t have any. Not only do they add a touch of softness which stops your feet from getting the chills, but they really center the focal point of the room.


Soft furnishings make a big difference

Softness is a running theme, so far, when talking about curtains and rugs. They aren’t the only soft furnishings you can use in the home, either. Throws, pillows, and upholstered furniture can have a big impact in the winter. For one, fabrics retain more heat, meaning that the home is genuinely easier to keep warm in the winter. But they are also powerful signifiers of comfort and warmth. You feel cozier by simply looking at them. Changing the colors of the home is important, too, and soft furnishings are the easiest way to update the palette of the room. You don’t have to repaint the entire room, by simply switching up those fabrics, you can quickly change your color scheme. What’s more, soft furnishings are a great way to break up the monotony of a room and to add a little more depth and variety to your design.


Switch up the color

Why would you want to change the color scheme of your home? Simply put, if you have decorated the room for spring, the color choices you have made won’t look at flattering when you’re dealing with the darker seasons. Airy, pastel colors will instead look cold and lifeless. Warmer color palettes don’t necessarily have to be dark. Keeping things brighter with vibrant oranges can be just as effective as opting for darker reds and browns. Natural materials can achieve much of the same, as well. Adding a few more wood or stone fixtures to the home can create the feeling of a woodland retreat or cabin which can make it feel much comfier.


Get emotionally cozy, too

We all tend to become a little more isolated when the big freeze hits. We’re not as willing and able to get out and to see all our friends and family. That’s a big part of the reason that people become a little lonelier in the winter. Take the time to combat that by framing your home with pictures and designs that you love. Creating a memory wall or framing more photos of loved ones, or simply using beloved wall art or incorporating your hobbies into your décor can give the home a little more emotional warmth. That can be just as important as actual warmth.

The tips above will make the home a little brighter and a little warmer, yes, but that’s not the only change it will affect. It also changes how it feels, creating the heartwarming sensation that is perfectly suited for a day when you’re stuck inside, looking out at the rain.


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