Make Your Work space as Creative as You

When you are a creator, of art, words, photography or even products of any type then your work should cater to that. Having room for you to explore new mediums, keep yourself organized and reflect you and your business.

If your workspace is less than inspirational, it will only be a matter of time before you feel the effects of that. We’ve all had those moments that the ideas just don’t come. If you were to work outside of the home, many workplaces have a lot of considerations taken for the staff. Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the same. In fact, you can design your whole space, and take as long as you like to do to it. But, where do you start?


Check out these ideas.

Light & Bright

Let in as much natural light as you can. Working in light conditions has many benefits. Not just for the use of the light. It helps you concentrate for longer, keeps your mood lifted and will stop you getting eye strain. If you don’t have access to big windows, then you might consider popping in a daily light mimicking bulb or some SAD lights.



Yes, it is already your space so will be personal to you. But take it further. Add your own work on the wall, next to the work of others that inspire you. If you aren’t particularly arty, you can do something like paint by numbers. Something guided that will look beautiful no matter your level of skill. Place quotes everywhere in your eye line. Things that remind you how far you’ve come, or of the places that you want to go. Treat the whole room as a mood board, and put all of your future ‘wants’ up.



Plants are the perfect office partner. They don’t take up much room put pack a colorful punch. If you aren’t great at looking after plants, then consider succulents, air plants, cactus, and spider plants. They are all pretty hardy and can last a decent amount of time before needing water. If you know you just won’t remember to look after them, then opt for green artworks, landscape photos, and fake plants. The color green is excellent for our creative side (and relaxing us too), and it makes us think of the great outdoors.


Tidy Up

Most creative people also tend to be somewhat messy. But, it is a mess with a purpose. You know where everything is when you need it. But, sometimes it can get a little bit out of control. Invest in some storage space. Drawers, boxes, and folders can help you keep your creative mess in a little bit better of an order.


Smells Great

Different scents create different moods. Those moods impact which parts of our brains kick into action. If you are looking to have something to keep you hyped up for your project and entirely focused then Jasmin or Lemon are great options. But, if you have a favorite to use, make sure your workrooms smells just like it.


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