Making A House Feel Like A Home

When you buy a house for the first time, or even if you have had your time for a long while, it is always a challenge for us to make it as homely and cozy as we possibly can to make it feel like our own little slice of paradise. Owning a house is a huge privilege and it is something which we can decorate and make into our own from the moment we step in. Those little touches go a long way, and here are some of the ways you can make a house feel more like a home this year.


Increase curb appeal

How your Home looks from the outside might not seem like an issue at all, but people will always judge you and your home from their first glance and this is the first impression they have of it.

To make the outside of the house feel more tidy and luxurious, you can spend some time mowing the lawn, weeding, pressure washing the driveway and finally washing your front windows and door. It can make a massive difference and it is honestly something which will transform the space.


Update the front door

The front door is the entry to your home and this is the time which most people will be looking at when they come to visit. If you currently have a simple white PVC door and you want an upgrade, why not choose a bold color which suits your personality? When it comes to making a house into a home it is all about the little touches and this can be the ideal way to make it feel more unique and special to you.


Make the entryway welcoming

The front half of your home and the corridor which leads to the rest of the home can often be taken for granted because we don’t spend much time in this part of the house. However, that doesn’t mean it deserves any less love than the rest of the home. To make an entryway feel more welcoming and homely, you can place a large mirror on the wall to give space and light, add a small table near the door with a candle and a plant on top, and even wrap some lights or a garland around the stairs for a lovely effect. There are lots of things you can do with the entryway to make it feel like you, so play around and make things happen!


Decorate for comfort over style

The style is a big part of your home, however, even the most stylish house can lack that touch which turns it from showhome to family Home. You can do a lot of things to make the house feel comfortable for you and your guests. You can add brighter, more natural light for ease of sight, you can bring in scented candles or Reed diffusers to make the space smell great, and you can even place a million cushions on the sofas for maximum snugglable.


Upgrade the bathtub

The bathtub is the main feature of your bathroom just like the sofa is in your living room. If you have a drab old bath in the space it will set the tone for the rest of the house and this can make it feel cramped and old. You can think about refinishing your bathtub with a new colour or even adding some clawfoot legs to make it feel more luxurious. Have fun playing around and see what you can do with it.


Retile the walls for warmth

It is likely that you have some tiling in both the kitchen and the bathroom which might need a little bit of life injected into them this year. If you have simple white tiles and nothing else, it might be worth playing around with some small mosaic tiles for color and some darker tiles for the bottom half of the wall. It will make the house feel like it is finished and it will add a lot of warmth to each of these crucial rooms of the house.


Add some art throughout the house

Art is the pinacol of life and color in the house and some well-placed artwork can be the difference between drab and fab. Think about the color scheme you have for each room in the house and try to choose something which contrasts this and stands out on the wall. For example, if the lounge is light green, find artwork with fiery red and orange to contrast. You can also hang works from your favorite artists or even posters of your favorite films and TV shows. The whole idea is to make this space feel like yours, so adding personality this way can be great for space.


Hang photographs

If you really want to turn a Home into a family home, the best thing you can possibly do is hang up some family photographs of you all and make sure to show off your happiness and personality. A great idea would be a make a gallery walk which contains photos from your summer holidays, from parties and more formal ones altogether. It will give anyone who comes to a sense of story to the house and it will feel so much more like yours.


Make the home cozy

Those final little touches are the best thing you can do to make a dull home feel like a family one. For example, you can add different things to different rooms to show off your style and your vibrancy to your family and everyone who visits you:

  • Living room- candles, fairy lights, cushions
  • Kitchen- cute art, a herb garden, wine storage
  • Bathroom- soap dispenser, novelty toilet roll, funny guestbook
  • Bedroom- blankets, fairy lights, candles


There is something you can put in every room of the house to make it feel more special and when you do this you will add a whole new lease of life to these four walls.


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