Making Personalized Baby Or Toddler Clothes

Going shopping for toddlers isn’t easy. You’re not so much worried about style as you comfort. Even shopping for baby clothes can be a pain because you want higher quality materials but not at any kind of eye gouging prices. So, therefore, you’ll always be on the lookout for some kind of deal. Most of the time it will take you a fair few tries to find the best outfit for your child in which they look pretty or cool in. And even then you are worried that another baby or toddler might be wearing the same thing. It just looks kind of weird and always throws up a bizarre moment that is off-putting. It makes it seem as if you buy your clothes from generic stores and without any kind of truth to it, makes it seem like you don’t try to buy unique clothing. That, of course, is obscene but you do have a strange moment when two different children are wearing the exact same outfit. What better way to give your children a lot of clothing that is totally unique than to make it at home?


Choose the material

Firstly pick the material that you think would be best. Go to a fabric store where you can buy wholesale sheets of material such as cotton, wool, nylon etc, and take sheets that you can work with. Beforehand you should know the size of your baby and or toddler’s clothes. Make sure you have more than enough room to cut around the outlines of a design. You should be careful that the material is not irritating to your child so don’t pick anything that will make sensitive skin worse. Wool is a great material to keep you warm but usually, it’s used on the outside layer of clothing or as stuffing and not directly worn on the skin. This is because it’s course and although it traps heat magnificently, it can cause a lot of irritation and therefore itchiness.


Know the style

The material aside, have in your mind the kind of style you’re going for. It might be a simple dress or a dungaree that you want to start off with, but even this should be in some kind of style. Are the straps going to be long enough so that the dress fits properly? Maybe you want to make your son a t-shirt or jumper, this too can be in a certain style. Will it be in stripes? What about a chequered design instead? You can always experiment but in order to not waste material and supplies, have some kind of style in mind.


Down to size

Once you have the things you need, use a fine cutting tool such as those on, because the accuracy is far easier to control and achieve. Vinyl cutting can be used to cut vinyl records and even sandpaper, so cotton and wool material sheets will be no problem at all.


Making clothes for your children is great in the short term but also great memories in the long run. If your child has sensitive skin, making your own clothes for them is definitely one way to have more power in your hands at controlling their condition.

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