Making The House Around You Healthier

Your house needs to be a healthy place, seeing as you eat, sleep, and ultimately live most of your life there. It needs to be a reflection of both your personality and your physical and mental health, and it needs to foster a healing space that’s going to keep you on your toes. And if you don’t like the four walls you live in, something clearly needs to change!

We’ve touched on this topic before, and detailed a little about how your home can really affect you. But in the interest of going a couple of steps further, let’s think about some of the most quoted ways you can make your house a little healthier whilst you live in it.


Improve the Atmosphere

Your homes need a healthy atmosphere to it. One that’s easy to breathe in and has no underlying tension that pollutes both your physical and mental health when you’re in it. When you’re constantly living under an atmosphere of stale air, as well as a potential argument or some snide comments just ready to spring from someone in your family, you’re not going to feel healthy when you’re at home.

So be sure to clear the air, both literally and mefaucethorically. Talk to your relatives, and make a policy of opening up calmly to each other when there’s a problem. At the same time, let fresh air into your rooms more often. Be sure to get your windows looked as if they’re not opening properly, or if the outside panes have mold on them and you hate opening in case the spores make their way inside.


Build Yourself a Garden

Gardens can be incredibly healthy places, and they’re very sustainable in the modern day and age. Seeing as you can grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables out there in all kinds of temperatures, thanks to the use of a greenhouse, you can really fuel your own kitchen for the rest of the year.

And if something is homegrown, you know exactly how it’s been planted and allowed to grow, and you know what’s been sprayed onto it during this period. You can wash the produce off in your sink, and you can plant and replant to make sure you’ve always got quality goods ready to go. Go on, make your backyard a little more green for 2019!


Think About a Water Filter

Water filters aren’t usually what we think of as needing to use when we’re at home. The faucets on our sinks pump us fresh and clean water whenever we need it, and that’s the end of that, right? Well, there’s a good chance there’s still some leftover germs and bacteria in your water supply, and having a home filter to get those bugs out is a smart choice.

A lot of fridges with water compartments have their own filters, or you can get one fitted straight onto your faucet. It’s a simple change that can make all the difference.


How healthy is your house?


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