Take The First Step: Making Yourself A Beacon Of Health When You’ve Ignored It Before

It’s something we’ve all felt stressed about, our health. But we can have an attitude to our health akin to a rollercoaster, it goes up and becomes our priority, and then zooms way down! When we are ignorant of our health, this is when things can creep up on us. Not just in a physical sense, but we could mentally feel the impacts of a bad diet or an overreliance on a substance. Making ourselves a beacon of health, especially when we are positively ignorant of our lifestyle, is a considerable challenge, but what can we all do to take the first step?


Addressing The Habits

We all have habits that are difficult to break. And when we are ignorant of specific habits, we can struggle to find a way out. Maybe we don’t even want to find a way out, and this is why it’s usually a health problem that scares the living daylights out of someone that they are forced to change their lifestyle completely. This becomes a very difficult task because they have to change everything. Sometimes we can base our lives around a handful of habits, and the trick is tackling them one at a time. If you are figuring out how to stop drinking alcohol without there being a solid reason, it can be hard to find a real purpose to this. This is where we have to…


Look At Our Triggers

Because making ourselves healthy is such a generalized term, we’ve got to dig down into what we really want out of our lives. When we have an overreliance on a substance or a bad diet, we have to look at the real reasons behind why we consume these things in the first place. When it’s something like alcohol, it may very well be a coping mechanism in light of stress. Or if we have an addiction to gambling, it might be about the thrill of risk. And while, in a superficial sense, we can make certain changes to our lives that mean we are paying lip service to the idea of being healthy, we could face relapses if we don’t understand why we indulge in these things. Sugar is a very good example because it fires the same brain receptors as hard drugs. If you find yourself overindulging in sweet treats, and you find them difficult to give up, this is very likely the reason.


To make yourself a beacon of health, it’s not just about eating a salad and drinking a smoothie, it’s more about understanding within yourself what makes you function at your optimum, physically and mentally. And if you haven’t paid attention to your health before, the telltale signs that you are succumbing to bad health are too many to list. But you know, deep down, that you are getting weaker. The big mistake we all make is that we think getting weaker is something we can’t fix. Or we believe it to be a part of aging, and while this is true to an extent, if we want to live full lives and be a beacon of health, then this is achievable, but we have to take the first step.

Written by y5zqw

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