Maverik’s Busy Board!

busyboard sensoryboard childrensboard bossprincess101 MaverikDeanVette

busyboard sensoryboard childrensboard bossprincess101 MaverikDeanVette

Maverik Dean is my 9-month-old son and he is ALWAYS needing something to do. I am always on ‘’ looking for things to do with or for my son.

The site is seriously AMAZING & I suggest for you to go check it out! I will leave a link to my account at the bottom of this page. As I was looking up ideas once I found that one popular thing to do with children was to make a “Busy Board”. What is a busy board? It’s a great way to keep your toddler or baby entertained, learning, and just plain busy! So let’s make one!

You can make your busy board big or small, colorful or not! It’s really all up to what your idea of a perfect busy board is.

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The great thing about this busy board is that you can probably find about half of the stuff around your house. If you cant find what you are wanting to use then you can go to the store or even ask your friends & family!

Here are the boards that inspired me on my Pinterest.

busyboard sensoryboard childrensboard bossprincess101 MaverikDeanVette

First, you need to get an image of the board you are wanting to make, then think of all the items you need to get to make this board. I personally just moved to a new house so my boyfriend had items left over that we didn’t use for our house. Second, you get the items you need. I personally went to Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Amazon, & Wal-Mart to get the rest of the items that I did not have.


busyboard sensoryboard childrensboard bossprincess101 MaverikDeanVette

Item list for our Busy Board:

-a square piece of wood & an M shaped piece of wood
-house numbers (because they were the cheapest)
-colorful blocks
-door stopper
-fox fur
-cabinet door handle
-keychain rings
-rolling wheel
-key locks
-couple different door latches/locks
-night light bulb


Why did I choose some of these items?

-I chose some of these items for feeling, babies love to feel new things
the locks & latches are for the open & close concept, learning to twist things, put keys in holes, etc.
-bells and door stopper are for noise
-I put numbers on the side so he can learn his numbers & also be able to learn sign language at the same time! (I’m sure this is a little advanced but I thought it was neat)
-I chose the color blue because that is the main color in my sons’ room

The third thing I did was to round up all these items and lay them on the board to make sure it was where I wanted. I also made sure it would be convenient for Maverik and his abilities. After that, I painted the boards & instead of hammering & screwing the screws I decided to hot glue everything because it was simpler. ( I was also working on this project at night when Maverik was sleeping so I didn’t want to make a lot of noise)

Finally, the project is done & Maverik is ready to play!

busyboard sensoryboard childrensboard bossprincess101 MaverikDeanVette

1. Get an image of your perfect busy board you want to create.
2. Collect all the items for your busy board.
3. Put your busy board together to make sure its what you want (do not actually attach everything yet)
4. Attach everything to your busy board the way you’d like.
5. Set your busy board where you’d like your little one to play with it & watch your little one play away!

busyboard sensoryboard childrensboard bossprincess101 MaverikDeanVette

For more crafty items check out Cathy’s site! She is a very crafty woman! 🙂

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