The All Organic Moisturizer & Body Scrub!

My life is very busy and hectic.

I am always working and hanging out with my friends and family, and well of course just being a typical mom!

But the main thing that I’ve been working on lately is self-care!

I recently launched my self-care book, check it out!

If you have read any of my previous posts then you will know how much I love the organic stuff, anything and everything organic, I LOVE!

I have super dry skin and it’s so disgusting to me.

I’ve been working my butt off to get my body to be the way I want it to be, but one of my biggest problems was my dry flaky skin!

I found this AMAZING company CocoRoo, a natural skincare!


The lotion I picked out was the CocoRoo Naturally Naked USDA Organic Coconut Oil Moisturizer.

Why is this product different than all the other lotions out?

Let me tell you!

First off, not all coconut oil on the market is the same, this company uses only organic cold-pressed coconut oil. “Cold-pressed oils are far superior to expeller pressed and RBD (refined, bleached, and deodorized) oils.” They also added cold-pressed macadamia nut oil to help moisturize our skin.

“The natural state of coconut oil is to harden below 72 degrees and the main ingredient in our lotions is coconut oil, so the lotion does harden in cold temperatures.  We recommend running the product under warm water to quickly soften.   When coconut oil is above 74 degrees, it will begin to liquify.  This is all normal properties of coconut oil.  CocoRoo’s beautiful easy squeeze tube allows coconut oil lovers to take the jar of coconut oil (and the spoon) out of the bathroom and back to the kitchen.”


Want to know what the ingredients are?

Exactly what I said above! Organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil and cold-pressed macadamia nut oil!

**There is also a mint and lavender lotion that you can purchase.

The next product that I got was the CocoRoo Total ReJuvenation Coffee Bean Scrub.

I know I promote two other body scrubs, but I know like these top three. I am very picky about the scrub that I put on my body. I like it when the scrub really helps my skin, washes off lightly, and smells amazing! Make sure you subscribe below, I will be posting a review on all three of my favorite scrubs together!

So why is this body scrub different than the other ones I have promoted?

Ground coffee beans have been found to be the best exfoliator on your skin. The caffeine from the coffee beans has been used to target cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, and many other skin conditions. The energizing texture and lovely coffee aroma are just so refreshing!

 “It is the FIRST coffee scrub in a beautiful EASY-SQUEEZE tube! “


Want to know what the ingredients are?

The scrub is made with organic arabica coffee beans, cold-pressed sweet almond oil, cold-pressed coconut oil, natural silica, and cold-pressed macadamia nut oil.

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Love your body, heal your soul®

Key Points:

·         Unique Product

·         Made with Simple &  Pure Ingredients – 100% Natural

·         No Chemicals or added water

·         100% Edible Ingredients

·         All oils are cold-pressed

·         Kid Safe

·         Certified Woman Owned

·         USDA Certified Organic

Popular multi-tasking uses:

·         After sun and sunburn relief

·         Make-up Remover

·         Shaving

·         Oil-pulling

·         Rough Heels

·         Dry Elbows

·         Soften Skin

·         Deep Hair Mask

·         Scalp Oil

·         Itchy Skin Relief

·         Beard Oil

·         Massage Oil

·         Assist in relaxing and sleeping (Lavender)

·         Everyday Moisturizer

Seriously, ladies, this is my all-time favorite company.

I love this company so much I was about to get you girls a discount code for 15% off!

Please use “bossprincess” (case sensitive) at




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