The 42 Mommy And I Date Ideas!

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kidsactivites childrensactivites mommyandsondates mommyanddaughterdates kiddates childdates childrendates childrensdates mommyandmetime mommyandmedates mommyandidates dateswithkids dateswithchildren dateswithchild datenight kidsdatenight childrensdatenight bossprincess101So Maverik is officially past the first year of his life. It was long and boring! I am so excited to start making memories with him now that he is alert and know whats going on. I want to spend as much quality time with him as I possibly can. I decided to create this “mommy and I date idea” list.

My goals are to make my bond stronger with my son.

I never want my son to feel “forced” to do something so that is why I chose so many activities we can choose from!

I personally work from home besides a couple times a month I do work odd jobs outside the home. So I am really lucky to be able to do fun stuff with my son constantly throughout the week. If you have a busy schedule I suggest you try to at least put two days aside each month to have a “mommy and me” date night. I can not express how important it is to have that bond with your child.

I made this 42 list of date ideas to help you get inspired to get closer to your child and to really be able to bond and connect.

This is simple!



The 42 List of Date Ideas

  1. -Go walk on a trail/through the woods/around a pond. Dig through the dirt, pick leaves and flowers, collect rocks, collect flowers and smash them in a book.
  2. -Bug hunt. I know this sounds gross but you can wear some gloves. Catch the bugs, learn what it is, and then teach your little one to let the bug go and not kill it. Learning about butterflies is always fun.
  3. -Go to the pond/lake. Throw rocks into the water, try skipping the rocks, you can go fishing if you are able to get those fabulous nails a little dirty, going canoeing, or playing in the water is just always fun.
  4. -YMCA/local rec center. Most of these centers always have events going on, classes you can take, you can teach your little one to swim, or go swimming just for fun.
  5. -Go to Barnes & Noble. They have guest readers dressed up in costumes sometimes, check out new books, play at the cute train table set up in the children’s section.
  6. -Check out your local library. Libraries usually have guest readers, movie nights for the kids, and fun activities that happen monthly.
  7. -Baking in the kitchen. Invest in some aprons, and fun baking supplies, make fun recipes and teach your little one some baking skills.
  8. -Go to a Baseball game, soccer game, basketball game, or football games. Dress up in jerseys, support your locals, encourage your little one to join a league.
  9. -Putt-Putt golfing/arcade games. Spend $10 on some arcade games, buy the junk food and slushies, win prizes, and play some good old putt-putt golf!
  10. -Explore. Go to new areas you have never been to and walk around, collect interesting things you find and keep it in a box at home, these walks can also make time for good conversations.
  11. -Plant a Garden inside/outside. Invest in some gardening tools, allow your little one to get dirty, teach him what different plants and flowers are, encourage him to be responsible and take care of a garden so he can see the plants grow.
  12. Fly a kite. Go to the park, or an empty field and teach your little one to fly a kite, eventually, you can invest in the bigger kites, children love the bigger ones because they are so unique!
  13. -Picnic indoors/outside. Invest in one of those cute picnic basket sets and make this a tradition for the Spring. Go out by a beautiful patch of flowers, or by a pond and enjoy a nice lunch together, you can also fly a kite here or go fishing!
  14. DIY project. Teaching your little one some art skills, and building things can never go wrong, allow your little one to explore his creativity.
  15. -Dinner date. Go out for some greasy, unhealthy food, get those over-sized milkshakes, and make some great conversations.
  16. -Fancy dinner date. Teach him what a real date is, you know a mommy and daddy date. Both of you should dress up to your best, give him a man’s wallet with some money in it, teach him how he should always open and close the door for you, to pull out your chair for when you go to sit, to allow you to order first, and let him “pay” for the meal when it comes. Teach him manners, teach him how to put a napkin on his lap, teach him how to have a polite conversation. It is important to teach our boys how to listen, and sit politely while someone else to
  17. -Frozen yogurt/ice cream date. Get some delicious sweets and sit outside in the hot sun.
  18. -Fire department. Go say hello to your local heroes and get a tour of the department, encourage your little one to learn what it is like to be a firefighter.
  19. -Floortime. Build with Legos or blocks.
  20. -A day at the zoo/aquarium/lego land. Get a map of the park, learn all the animals, check out the events, empower your little one to be independent and decision-making.
  21. -Build a puzzle. This is great to learn how to separate, organize, and build the puzzle, you can also get custom boards that will be making the puzzles even more fun!
  22. -Kids building workshop at Lowe’s/Home Depot. This is a good learning experience for your child.
  23. -Horse ride. Find a local equestrian center, they often offer accompanied rides for your little ones, give the horse carrots and other treats.
  24. -Game night. Invest in some board games or print some games offline and enjoy some popcorn, juice/soda, play some music, and play games, or you could even go to your local Starbucks and play the games there too!
  25. -Playdate. Literally, take him to a local play or musical. Just make sure you choose something with high energy an with lots of colors, anything Disney is always good!
  26. -Park playdate. What doesn’t a kid enjoy the park? Make sure you go down the slides with him instead of sitting on the bench, swing with him, climb through the tunnels, wow him with your skills on the monkey-bars.
  27. -Water fight. If the weather is nice outside, you can get sprinklers going, water guns, play some music, and do not forget the popsicles!
  28. -Bike ride. Go on a bike trail with your little or go on a short bike ride to the bakery.
  29. -Gift shopping. We need to teach our little ones how to give good gifts. They need to learn how fun it is to plan and give something to someone they love. Give him a wallet with some dollar bills and head over to the Dollar Store, this is a great opportunity to teach him about money and consider other peoples interest.
  30. -Movie night in home/or theater. Get a movie or two, get some snacks, soda, popcorn, if you decide to stay home make the living room extra cozy, and start the movies until you pass out!
  31. -Play Johny Appleseed. Dress up, and head to your local orchard for some good ol’ apple-picking. Tell your little one that the only way to get the good apples is to sing the Johnny Appleseed song while you pick,  “The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord for giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain and the Appleseed, the Lord is good to me!” You can usually do a hayride here and a few other activities.
  32. -Lazer tag. This is a super fun activity, and it keeps you guys constantly moving, focusing, and laughing!
  33. -Stargaze. On a beautiful evening get some cozy blankets, pillows, and hot chocolate. Settle in for a wonderful time enjoying beautiful nature.
  34. -Running. To participate in a 5k, teach your child about what a charity is, and how everyone comes together to help with the good cause. Your little one might not be able to fully “run” and that is totally okay, at least you can chase him!
  35. -Video games. Learn how to play video games with your little one, even if its just an hour! I promise it will light your little one’s day.
  36. -Hide-and-go-seek. This game can never get old, even if you are able to get a whole neighborhood involved it is even more fun!
  37. -Dance party. You can always get the dancing games that come along with the video games, you can just turn up your stereo and dance like crazy, or even go take a dancing class together!
  38. -Draw with chalk. This is a fun summer activity, and you can even turn it into washing your car!
  39. Read. I know you already read to your little one every night before bed, but getting some new books and just reading together for a couple hours would be a lot of fun, you can also order some custom books with your little ones name in it to make it more interesting.
  40. -Swimming. Learning how to swim, or if you already know how to swim can always be an eventful time, try to discover some water parks, or go to a lake, play some fun water games.
  41. -Drive-in movie theater. Yes, they are still around! kids always love these, they are especially fun if you have a truck so you can make a bed and chill in the back, you are also able to stargaze during this time.
  42. -Toy store. Save up a couple hundred dollars, go to the toy store, and allow your little one to buy whatever he wants. This should be like a one time a year activity, but being able to spoil your child like that spontaneously will seriously light his world up!


Well, there you have it. That is my list I plan to do with Maverik for the next few years. If you know of any fun activities you could share with me let me know! I am always up for some new ideas!

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