Moving Home In 2019? Make Sure You Use This Checklist!

New year, new you – right? Loads of people like to make significant life changes whenever January rolls around. It’s seen as a symbolic thing; the start of a new year signifying a shift in attitude that could help your life. For many, the biggest changes revolve around the home. This could be in the form of home projects to renovate it, or you may think about moving house altogether.

If you are thinking about moving home this year, then here’s a simple checklist you should look at to make things go smoothly for you:


Get Removal Quotes

You could try and move house on your own, but this usually requires loads of time and effort; two things that a lot of us don’t have in abundance! Instead, it makes sense to get a removal company in to help you out. So, find quotes for the best services, and ensure you find someone that can handle your specific possessions. Rates tend to depend on the size of your things; the price to move a piano will be much more than the price to move a small box of your possessions. Speaking of which, if you have any valuable things like pianos or other instruments, make sure you get quotes from service providers that have experience moving them!


Get All The Packaging Materials

Once you’ve found the removal company to assist with the move, you need to start packing everything away. Generally speaking, this is something you should do on your own. It’ll probably take a while, but you can pack over the course of a few days/weeks. Just make sure you get all the right packaging materials; like boxes, duct tape, bubble wrap, and any other essentials. Your removal company usually supply them for you and can include them all in the quote they provide!


Organize Your Possessions

Naturally, you won’t bring everything to your new home. So, make sure you organize things into different piles while you’re getting ready to pack. Make a pile for things getting thrown away, charity donations/stuff you can donate to family members, and things you’re taking. This helps you de-clutter your life and makes moving a lot easier as you aren’t burdened by so many items!


Make A List Of Everything You’re Moving

It’s not uncommon to move home and then sift through all your boxes to find that you’ve lost one of your prized possessions. Did you leave it at your old home? Did you accidentally throw it out with the rest of the rubbish? Who knows, but the bottom line is you’ve lost it. As such, you should make a list of everything you’re moving when you’re packing them up. This lets you see an inventory of your possessions, so you’ll notice anything missing before you move. Plus, when you do unpack, you can check to see if it’s all still there and hasn’t been lost in transit.


If you use this short checklist, then you’ll soon have a far more streamlined move in 2019. All your belongings will be packed and delivered securely, and you can get rid of so much junk in the process. Now, say hello to new beginnings in your new home this new year!

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