Musings On Microwave Cooking – From Brownies to Mac & Cheese

You might have heard of the Miele Dialog, a cooking appliance build by Miele with a company called Goji that has been going around tech conventions and cooking shows. On second thought, that might sound completely unfamiliar. Maybe you have heard of how a company managed to cook a fish inside an ice block. After a while, the fish had been cooked, and the surrounding ice block had barely melted. The cooking technique is not new. However, it is still using basic radio frequency, much like any other standalone or built-in microwave. The difference is that the Miele Dialog changes the frequency, amplitude, and phase of its radio waves as the cooking progresses, effectively like how a chef would monitor food as he or she cooks it.


Now, the Miele Dialog is a prototype, and the technology will make its way to our kitchen at one point in the future. But as with all new technology, it will be relatively expensive, and costs will only go down once manufacturers find a way to mass produce it. It does, however, make you think how microwave cooking was a leap in innovation, making dinner times so much easier and quicker. Also, at the same time it being lauded as an innovation that helps time-poor families, it was also being rubbished as not really cooking and in poor taste by so-called food experts and ‘foodies.’ With the Miele Dialog and the type of cook demonstrations they have put on display, Miele is clearly catering to exactly that same audience, in trying to make (quick) microwave cooking aspirational.

Microwave cooking shouldn’t need to be dressed up, however. In most cases, it is a great time saver for busy families. It’s also a great way to cook with your kids, without having to use a gas or electric cooker. If you’re the one taking out the hot food out of the microwave, most other steps in microwave cooking are completely safe.


A family favorite is a brownie in a mug.

Great for having with a Sunday afternoon family film on the couch or for them to have with their favorite book series. You can find a fabulously easy recipe here.


bossprincess101 cooking

Another must-have with the family film is popcorn. Get a microwave safe bowl and plate to cover, a handful of popcorn kernels and salt or sugar to coat. Teach the kids to remove the kernels that did not pop, and you’re good to go. To make things easier, you can even get so-called popcorn makers that provide the bowl and cover to go straight into the microwave.


What about Mother’s and Father’s Day breakfast?

The kids can make the scrambled eggs in the microwave. And if they can get the coffee or tea just right, you can stay in bed a bit longer. And perhaps you have a kid just to go off to college and will have to cook for themselves. Teach them the life skill of microwave ramen. Or maybe mac and cheese in a mug?

People might say that a microwave isn’t really cooking and it has no place in the kitchen of any aspirational home chef. The thing is however that a microwave wasn’t about haute cuisine, it was about saving families time and make cooking less of a challenge and potential hazard. If smart microwave cooking, once it is mass produced and hits the mainstream, does not include a recipe for a brownie in a mug, can we still truly call it innovation?

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