Parent Pains: Caring For Your Weathering Body

Do you think it’s easy raising children? They run around and cause mayhem, they get dirty, they are loud and quite frankly stronger than they know. Of course, it’s no picnic, but whoever said it was going to be easy anyway? The stress that many parents endure is more than mental, it’s physical. Just like people who sit down all day long and work in an office, when you’re stressed your shoulders hunched forward. Suddenly your chest muscles tighten and you have knots forming at the top of your back. Carrying around the kid’s equipment for their sports, their school bags and baskets and baskets of dirty clothes can be quite tough on your joints. When you are taking the baby home, all you care about is the things you need to make him or her comfortable. Now that they’re older and can cause you to feel like you’ve run a marathon, shouldn’t you make life more comfortable for yourself now? If not now, then when!?



The ball and the toes

Running around after children just in the house can actually be quite a distance. Think about the things you do together. Going to the playground, walking them to and from school, taking them to soccer practice, going shopping, and even trying to stay fit by jogging or aerobics. All this pressure on your feet keeps building. Usually, we notice pain in our backs, arms and legs because they’re all obvious parts of the body. A foot massager would do wonders for the ball of your foot and toes. Something like the HoMedics Deluxe Shiatsu with its infrared lights and 18 massage heads is designed to gently roll those pains away. Shiatsu is a Japanese form of pressure massage that uses broad strokes to limit pain and provide a soothing pleasure.



It’s a spinal thing

One of the most recognizable aches and pains for parents is in the back. The spine gets stretched and bent in all different ways when you wrestle with your kids trying to get them to bed, put on their socks or stop playing for one second so you can blow their nose. Traditional mattresses are expensive, even just for a moderate quality one. They also don’t do too well as keeping your body heat in but if you get a hardside waterbed mattress, you not only have malleable support but also the option of keeping it heated. Waterbeds are great for joint pains as water is formless and it can mold around the shape of your body. Pressure points where you feel a build up of tension don’t suffer the weight of your body anymore. Therefore you tend to roll around less during the night and instead remain mostly stationary, getting a better night’s sleep.

Spare a thought for your body, you only get one. Our feet have so many small bones and it’s little wonder that we need to release that tension every day or two. The spine is a long column of multiple bones and any one of them that are out of place will have an effect on the rest of them. You take care of the kids and now it’s time to take care of yourself. After all, they need a fit and strong parent to be there for them.


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