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Kinedu is one of my favorite apps!

Kinedu is your baby’s personalized child development – helping parents develop nourishing and meaningful relationships through creative activities, helpful tips, and unique ‘moments’.

You can use this program on the web or through your ios and android app.

The program is giving moms, dads, aunts, friend, and child caregivers to access the tools they need to support their baby’s development.  The activity videos are based on the latest research from both Harvard and Standford’s Departments of Child Development, and field tested in Advenio Child Centers.

child development childcare bossprincess101

The program will give you 4 activities a day to try with your child unless you buy the app then you are about to access all the activities of your choice! For each activity, they have a video and a written description of what to do with your little one. The program will also let you see what supplies you will need for the next day! On the online program, you are able to access articles through the program.

The free part of the app only lets you access so much, but you can also share some activities on social media so you unlock new activities. If you want to just buy the program (I highly recommend) you can do the following:

Now if you do not want to spend any money at all on this program, that is totally fine! You can still become a premium member by inviting your friends! You can get up to a whole year for FREE just by inviting your friends! Sometimes they have special promotions going on where you get to try the premium for free for a week by just sharing a post on social media.

You are able to buy gift cards for your friends and family!

So are you ready to get started on this program? Here is your invite!

When you first download the program and get started they will ask you a series of questions about your child.

There is a catalog area where you can access any month of the child’s age, all the way up to 24 months.

There are five categories in the program for your little one to learn and grow, which is the following:

  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Linguistic
  • Social & Emotional
  • Health

You can set daily reminders so you do not ever have to miss an activity

Yes, you can add more than one child!

child development childcare bossprincess101

“This app is great for a new mom (or even “old” one with your 2nd child). They give an idea of how to play and stimulate their skills at the same time. Very details comparing to other apps. However it’s a bit expensive, just hope it can give some further discount”

“As a new mom, I am really enjoying this app. I strongly recommend it to all mothers who wish to find ways to engage their child in activities that will focus on their growth and development. Thumps up!”

“This is a great app for ideas of activities to do with my son every day. A lot of parenting is not intuitive for me, and I don’t know what a typical, say, 16 months old might enjoy. Kinedu helps me so much. The demonstration videos are particularly helpful. Thank you for creating a great product.”

So are you ready to get started on this program? Here is your invite!

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