Practical Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety Right Now

Anxiety is a huge problem for many people in the 21st Century. The fast pace of modern life, the social media that causes us to compare ourselves to others, stressful working conditions and money issues, amongst other things, are causing more of us to feel apprehensive and on edge than ever before.

This is bad news because anxiety can lead to bigger problems such as depression, OCD, addiction, sleeplessness, and stress, amongst other things. That’s why we should all be doing as much as we can to reduce our anxieties right now, Here are some practical things that will help you to do just that:

Breather Deeply

It sounds so simple but taking a few long, deep breaths whenever you feel an attack of anxiety coming on is extremely healthy. It will almost immediately calm down your sympathetic nervous system, getting rid of that fight or flight feeling and allowing you to think about things more rationally.


Eliminate the Causes of Anxiety

Okay, so you might not be able to do this immediately, but if there is something that is causing you to be constantly anxious, remove it from your life; if you’re in debt, find out how to get a personal loan with bad credit, consolidate your debts and make them easier to manage, or if you’re job is causing you to feel like you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, start sending your resume to other companies who you think would be better for you. Even just knowing that you’re taking steps to remove the causes of anxiety from your life will help to alleviate it somewhat.


Question Your Thoughts

Whenever you have a thought that causes you to be anxious, pause and examine it. Ask yourself whether what you’re thinking is really true or if you’re blowing it out of proportion. Often you will find that you’re turning a molehill into a mountain and if you acknowledge that you will start to feel far less anxious. This is a technique used in cognitive behavioral therapy and it can be very useful. Mindfulness training will also help you to recognize these unhelpful thoughts too.

Go to Your Happy Place

It might sound a little new-age, but visualizing your happy place when you’re feeling anxious can work wonders. Picture yourself lying on your favorite beach with the sun beating down on your skin and nothing but the sound of the waves lapping at the shore and a sense of wellness will soon come over you. The more effort you put into your visualizations, the better they will work at soothing your anxiety.

Focus on a Purposeful Activity

If you’re anxious about going to a party, instead of focusing on the anxiety and everything that you think could go wrong, focus on the purpose of the activity – are you going there to celebrate a friend’s milestone birthday? Will they be upset if you don’t show up? How great will a time you have once you’re there? – and chances are you will feel less anxious. Why? Because when an activity has meaning for you and you can acknowledge that and just do it, you don’t have the tie to be anxious. It isn’t always easy, but reminding yourself of the good and just doing the things that make you anxious anyway us something that will work better than almost anything else!


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