Knowing What to Expect During Delivery and After

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BIO: Breanna C., (2015)
Hi there. My name is Breanna and I am The Medical Mama. I want to first and foremost thank Veronica B. for allowing me to guest blog today. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and my own site! I am a mother of 2 beautiful little girls. One is 5 years old, and the other was just born on March 5th. I have a background in nursing (Pediatrics and Internal Medicine) and education (grades K-12). Again, thank you for having me and reading my article today.
Let’s jump right in.

I just had my second baby (March 5th), and just had my second c-section. What’s it like having a toddler after having a c-section you ask? I’ll tell you.

Knowing What to Expect During Deliver and After


First, let’s talk about knowing what to expect during your second c-section. This is a big one for me. I already had a c-section with my firstborn. I knew what to expect walking into the delivery room (well the operating room), and I knew how I was going to feel afterward. This gave me an ease of mind (for the most part). C-sections are so routine and as long there weren’t any complications prenatal everything will go smoothly during surgery. If this isn’t your first rodeo you can expect the same thing. Same “drill.” That’s helpful with my anxiety.

Going into surgery was crazy for me. It is so intense. I had to walk to the OR (operating room) and mentally prepare myself for every step. Than I had to get on the table and not freak myself out. I have major anxiety issues.

How are you feeling about your second c-section?

Dealing With New Pain

Any new moms out there who just had a c-section but are step-moms to other little ones? I can’t relate to this, but I just wanted to give a shout out to you for being awesome! If you’ve never had a c-section until now you are experiencing grueling pain. It hurts to go to the bathroom, cough, sneeze, and even lay to one side. Every movement hurts like knives stabbing at your incision.

Don’t worry, it gets better. Rest and make sure you walk around the house for small increments at a time. Don’t overdo it. I can’t imagine being a first-time c-section mommy and then having to come home and take care of a whole household on top of that. Rely on other people for help for sure. You got this!

Support and Anticipation
My daughter is 5 years old. She has been anticipating her baby sister’s arrival for 9 whole months, and I’ll tell you I’ve never seen a child more thrilled about not being an only child anymore. She has done nothing but be supportive. I would like to think that has everything to do with how my husband and I handled the situation. We introduced her to the idea right away and kept her involved (I have an article about this coming out on March 16, 2018. You can find it here.

With that being said the transition from having a second c-section to coming home and taking care of a whole household isn’t without its appreciative atmosphere. When I got home my 5 years old did nothing but help me around the house. Every morning when I get up she holds her baby sister for me while I get a minute to take care of myself. My husband and daughter both were so appreciative of all the things I did before I had the baby, and everything I do while the baby is here.


Hands Equal Extra Help
Since my daughter is 5 years old she is a fantastic helper. She is at the perfect age where all they want to do is help whoever and with whatever they can. I’ve been so lucky because she helps with all the chores around the house…willingly. She helps me with the baby. Also, he brings me things from upstairs and around the house so I don’t have to put extra exertion on my incision.

She does a fantastic job being calm and quiet around the baby. She reminds others to do the same as well. Also, she is so aware of what’s going on around her baby sister that she puts her needs first. It amazes me the “little mommy” helper I have. We are so blessed.

If this is your first or second or even third c-section I would love to hear from you in the comments section.

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