Purifying the Substances You Need to Survive

There are certain things in life that you can’t possibly live without. Water and air are perhaps the first two substances that should spring to mind. Now, because these are something that we tend to take for granted, we don’t tend to consider their quality. As long as both appear clear, we will generally assume that they are good for us. But this isn’t always necessarily the case. The good news is that we can take steps to purify these substances, improving our overall quality of life. Here’s how!



We should drink an average of eight glasses of water a day. Most of us will simply source this from our taps. While tap water won’t do you any harm and is safe to drink, it can always be improved upon. After all, chances are that the tap water coming from the faucets in your home has already had to travel through miles of pipelines before it reaches you. This gives it a whole host of opportunities to become slightly contaminated – it could pick up bacteria, chloride, fluorine, lead, mercury, pesticides, or other waste particles.

Sure, it may be cleaned and disinfected by water companies, but you can never guarantee that it will be completely pure by the time it reaches you. This is why you should always filter your water yourself. There are plenty of home water filters out there on the market, so you may find it a little difficult to choose one straight away. But if you take a look at The Energy Blueprint, you should be able to get a good idea of what you should be looking for from a filter and compare some of the different options that you have.



Air pollution is becoming an increasingly significant problem for the majority of us. We can see this through the various reports on traffic pollution, smog, and damage to the ozone layer that protects our planet from radiation and the sun’s powerful rays. Seeing as issues regarding air pollution generally focus on the air in the world as a whole, it’s easy to feel as though steps that you might take are futile. After all, you can’t purify the entire planet.

However, it’s important to remember that you can take control of the air that you breathe in your own home. One of the first steps that you should consider making is to invest in houseplants. Now, this may sound questionable to start, but plants can be considered nature’s life support system and they naturally remove toxins from the environment surrounding them. If you suffer from hay fever and want to avoid experiencing allergies in your own property, you could invest in an air filtration system. This is likely to be more effective, even if it does come at a higher cost.


These are just two substances that you need to live, but they are extremely easy to filter and purify yourself. So, take control over what you are consuming and taking into your body!


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