Saving Money On The Big Things In Your Home

People are pretty handy at saving money in all areas of their life, but they’re not perfect. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they work hard to save pennies, and not hard enough to save dollars! The costs attached to a home are substantial, but they’re not equally distributed between all the expenses. Some cost much more money than others, and its these where you should be trying to cut the costs. We take a look at some of the biggest expenses and offer advice on how to save money on them.


Upcycled Furniture

Your furniture is going to bore you, get tarnished, or otherwise fall out of style, and will need to be replaced. And if you’ve seen the costs of new furniture, then you’ll know that it’s not a cheap process! Surely you could put that money to better use, like, say, a vacation? Well, maybe you can. It’s called upcycling, and it’s the process of taking old furniture and making it more beautiful – and unique. There are plenty of online upcycling DIY hacks that’ll transform ordinary tables and chairs into hip and chic pieces. There are cheap options from Ikea which, once you’ve added some chalk paint, all of a sudden look much better and more valuable.


Don’t Throw It, Fix It

Your home runs on appliances. You need to have a fridge, washing machine, dryer, cooking appliances, and more. They are sophisticated machines, and, consequently, can cost a lot of money. But when one breaks, you won’t have any choice other than to replace it. Or will you? Instead of throwing it away and buying a new one, work with an appliance repair expert. Most items that end up in the landfill because they’re “broken” actually aren’t broken at all – they just need a little bit of TLC.


Buy At The Right Time

Of course, there will be times when you really do need to replace an appliance. You should ensure that you get as much use out of it as possible, but one day it’s going to die. The key to saving money here is to buy a replacement at the right time. You can live without, say, a microwave for a few months. If you wait until Black Friday or the post-Christmas sales, you could get a steal of a price. Rush out to replace it as soon as it breaks, and you might get stung by a high price!


DIY Jobs

When you want things updated or replaced in your home, your first idea might be to look through the phone book and call in a professional. But you should know that you’re going to pay for the privilege. The bulk of the cost of, say, fixing a leaky faucet or having the walls painted is for the person to do the job, not the materials. If you learn the basics of home DIY, you’ll be able to save yourself money. You can’t do everything in the house, but you can do some things!


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