Is Your Child Having Trouble Sleeping?

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Maverik use to sleep really bad! I mean like the first 8 months of his life was awful and I felt like I was just a walking zombie. So I started to do some research on how I could help my little one sleep better. One of the ways to help him was to change the light bulbs to SCS Lighting! I have always been worried about the radiation from the TV hurting my little one’s eyes, I never thought about the light bulbs! I have been using SCS Lighting the past couple of months and my son sleeps all night from 7-8pm until 7-9am. I have to wake him up at midnight to change his diaper. SCS Lighting has really helped my family and that is why I had to write this blog post and share it with you!

I loved SCS Lighting so I much I even got little night lights, I put them in all of my lamps all around my house, and of course in my kitchen. It really does give off an amber glow that is like a sunset. It is so relaxing and soothing. I highly suggest ordering at least one to try it out and if you do not like it you can return it but I know you will end up ordering even more!

SCS Lighting


These benefits along with delivering more light, at a typical energy savings of 80% over standard lighting make SCS the right choice for your lighting needs.

  • HACK YOUR CIRCADIAN CLOCK Your circadian clock (your sleep/wake cycle) has been turned over thousands of years, to daily sunrise and sunset. With the SLEEP REDDY LIGHT, simulate a sunset every night with low blue light output and a soothing amber glow. Low blue light can help prevent sleep disorders, cut out the blue light and give your system a chance to create melatonin naturally!
  • FALL ASLEEP NATURALLY Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed by cutting out blue light prior to sleep! The SLEEP REDDY LIGHT is engineered to emit specific wavelengths which have been studied by NASA, to improve sleep and keep your body producing melatonin, naturally! Ditch the sleeping pills, and synthetic melatonin, your body knows how to create what you need for a restful sleep. Better sleep for a better you!
  • THE NEXT GENERATION IN LIGHTING The 7 watt Amber LED light is rated to last 30,000+ hours, provides 630 lumens. The LED Bulb screws into any bedside lamp or NON-DIMMABLE lighting fixture. Sufficient to replace your Reading Light for bed, your LED Reading Light will not block melatonin levels, and you will be amazed how your sleep changes! Ditch the sleeping pills, and try the SLEEP REDDY LIGHT!
  • FIGHT FATIGUE With a Natural, restful sleep. Flip the switch to an LED light specifically engineered to help you sleep better, and feel less fatigued during the day. The amber glow also called “turtle safe” LED bulb is best used in a bedside lamp while preparing for sleep. Save money on sleep aids, and sleep therapy, by tapping into your biological clock.
  • COMPARE THE SLEEP REDDY LIGHT to traditional incandescent bulbs, fluorescent and CFL bulbs during the evening when preparing for sleep. Traditional bulbs are rich in blue wavelengths, which suppress melatonin – the sleep hormone. Your body responds to blue light by suppressing melatonin, keeping you alert and awake longer, even if you think you are asleep! Better Sleep quality, better rest, better you!

SCSLIGHTING SCS amazonscslighting amazonscs sleepbetter childrenssleep helpfulsleeping scslightingreview lightbulb amberlight bossprincess101

Why Cut Out Blue Light?


SCSLIGHTING SCS amazonscslighting amazonscs sleepbetter childrenssleep helpfulsleeping scslightingreview lightbulb amberlight bossprincess101

Cut Out Nighttime Screentime

  • Do not allow the use of electronics two hours prior to bedtime.
  • The blue-spectrum light that smartphones and iPad screens give off has energizing properties. (Same, by the way, goes for the blue light emitted by some energy efficient light bulbs.)
  • Consider using Night Shift settings on your devices or apps that minimize the blue light on electronics several hours before your child’s bedtime.

Facts About SCS Lighting:

  • no hazardous gases
  • no hazardous materials
  • no breakable glass


Where is the BEST place to put this light bulb?

  • anywhere in your home
  • typically the babies room
  • typically the kitchen

& YES it is SQF (safe quality food) areas

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