Self-care Mommy Bath!

So many people are always so fascinated with my baths, and all the products I use. My friends are always asking me questions! So I thought I would write a blog and share it with everyone!

Items you will need:
-bath salt
-bath sponge/loofa
-feet pampering kit
-bubble bath soap
-hair conditioning treatment
-a bath bomb
-body scrub
-face mask
-body lotion

Some of the items I personally like to use are:
All of my hair conditioning treatments I always get from Sephora Beauty Salon. Just about anything & everything you get there WILL help your hair!

**This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase any of the products I have recommended, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. For more information, please see my disclosures. 

The candles I got from Whole Foods, because I prefer organic items, and they smell so amazing! I got a candle that was lavender and it was meant to help with stress, & I got a candle that was a tangerine smell, and it really was an inspiring smell. These two candles mixed together makes my bath 100% more relaxing!


I have extremely dry skin so I have always used Jergens Ultra Healing lotion, and you can get that from about any drug store, I personally shop at Walgreens.

EVERYONE is ALWAYS asking about my bath bombs. The bath bombs I always get from, there is also a store you can visit in most malls. Lush has really become popular in the past few years. This particular bath I used the present bath bomb, it was one of the biggest bath bombs they have ever made. I know some of you are probably thinking this site/store is expensive to buy from and yes it is! At the bottom of the page, I will post a link to some bath bombs I have used from Amazon, and they are just as amazing! Also, check out how cool the colors are before you jump into the tub, you can also do several bath bombs!


For the body scrub, I LOVE using Body Blendz! My personal favorite is the Coconut Delight! Body Blendz usually special ingredients that target cellulite, stretch marks, acne, and eczema. This product removes dead skin cells, regenerating healthy new skin cells, deeply moisturizing, protecting from sun damage, and keeping the skin soft and supple.


Wash Away Those Troubles Have A Soak With Bubbles!


**To all the mommas that asked me why I didn’t have any stretch marks when I was pregnant, this was my secret! I recommend everyone to try it out, it would even work for men as well!

If you click this link you can get 20% off your first order! 

My personal steps for the bath:
1. turn the water on and fill the bathtub up ( I personally like super hot water, it’s so much more relaxing!)
2. pour a little bit of bubble bath soap
3. sprinkle some bath salt
4. get your hair wet, and apply the hair conditioning treatment
5. apply the face mask
6. light the candles & put them in the bathtub
7. turn on some music
8. nonce the tub is filled pop your bath bomb into the tub and watch the beautiful colors!
9. get into the tub, relax, and read your book!
10. once your skin is soft you can scrub your whole body with the body scrub, and then rinse off with the sponge
11. pamper your feet, I personally just use a foot scrub and a foot brush
12. relax a little bit longer
13. rinse your hair out, rinse your face off, rinse your body off to make sure you got all the body scrub off
& WHOOO-LA-LA-LA! your bath is finished!

So to everyone that is always wondering about the products I use and how serious I take pampering myself now you know! If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Check out these bundle of bath bombs that I have used from Amazon! They are a little bit better priced than!

Written by y5zqw

Hello there, I’m Veronica! I run BossPrincess101 for young souls to be inspired by my parenting skills, my techniques with life, DIY projects, the delicious recipes I make for my family, and I love sharing my favorite products with others! I have been a multi-influencer for about 4 years. The past few months I have also really dedicated myself to helping businesses. My goal is to help people build better, not bigger, businesses at the end of each day.


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