Setting Up A Blog business For Total Blogging Domination

It seems that now, in the modern age, everyone is setting up a business related to blogging. After all, it appears to be one of the more lucrative ways to take advantage of an internet connection. But, with all of the SEO tools out there, and the different marketing methods we can all take advantage of to get our product to the subscribers when it comes to expanding this business and creating a blogging empire, is it something we can do by ourselves? It can be feasible, but if you are looking at total world domination in the blogging world, you will need to take a few fundamental ideas into account…


Utilizing The Right People

Blogging is viewed as an exclusively solitary pursuit, for the very reason that a blog is the innermost thoughts of one person. Now, there are many positives in relation to keeping your blog solitary, but when it comes to the idea of world domination, it’s time to think more diversely. This is why so many bloggers have various subjects and topics on their website, it becomes an umbrella of information that all sorts of people can go to. And when thinking about the type of information you want to communicate, you should always think with your target market in mind. If you are exclusively a fashion blogger, it makes little sense to diversify into family planning or cars. With this in mind, when you are attempting to diversify your blog, you should consider how the subjects fit in with your overarching theme.


This way, you won’t alienate your dedicated followers and subscribers, but at the same time, you could potentially start to bring more people on board. This is where a pool of writers is essential. It’s a very difficult thing to get right, especially if you’ve been used to blogging by yourself, and you have a very unique tone of voice. Now, you can either hire a pool of writers and train them up exclusively in writing within certain guidelines, but is this going to stifle their individual creativity? The best approach would be to have, not just a pool of writers, so you can guarantee a diverse range of writings on various subject matters, but also have an editor on board. This could be you, but it depends on the time you have to dedicate yourself to the content.


It could be at this point where you are working with advertisers to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck as far as the site is concerned, in which case, it could be better for you to employ a close friend, someone who knows your style and tone of voice, so they can clean up the content that’s being submitted. The tone of voice is essential, especially when it comes to content that is so wordy. A lot of people have a caveat on their site that “this was a contributed post”. It is certainly a great way to have a lot more content on your site, especially if you are struggling financially to hire writers exclusively for your blog, but it’s something that you may want to consider dropping if you are at the point where advertising is paying enough for you to sustain the blog. And, from the perspective of the hired gun, it is always great to know that you have a regular gig. So when hiring the right people, if you can inspire loyalty, this will serve you very well in the long run.


Changing The Product Slightly

We live in an age of podcasts, vlogs, explainer videos, and the like. When you are working at world domination via your blogging site, the written word may not be all you need. People want their content short, sharp, and to the point. Based on your own individual blogging site, are there ways for you to diversify how you communicate yourself? Blogs are certainly a great way for people to pass time while they are on public transport or making their mundane commute into work, but if you’re looking to capture the imaginations of as many different people as possible, think about the ways in which we consume information now.


Podcasts have seen a boom in recent years, not just because they are easily digestible, but they are dense when it comes to the information they present. Podcasts are certainly a great way for you to utilize networking capabilities, but as far as building a more personal rapport with your audience is concerned, this shouldn’t be underestimated. Likewise, video blogs are very much a similar approach. Many sites now exclusively do visual content, and while this is quite an expense at the very outset, the popularity of many vloggers has shown, as long as you have a dedicated audience-based, you don’t have to use flashy gimmicks and cutting-edge editing techniques to get your point across. Video blogs are part and parcel of many bloggers’ output, and it may very well be essential to ensure that you are keeping a sizable chunk of your subscribers, while also appealing to newer ones.


Pushing The Business Far And Wide

So now, you’ve got an idea of how you want to communicate yourself, and you have the resources available, what next? If you are someone who’s spent your blogging career working out of your home, and you are making that next leap to total world domination, you need a physical business location. Flash forward a few years into the future, and you may be at the point where you need to ensure that the workers are coming to you to work on site, in which case, do you need to build a physical location? The physical aspect of building a business is something that is quite complex, but when it’s part of a blogging business, especially in relation to fashion, the temptation of entrepreneurism isn’t far behind. Some people expand their fashion brands by setting up a physical store in which to sell their own unique designs, or if you are trying to encapsulate a proper working environment for your writers and editors, a physical location is essential. It doesn’t need going into sure about what makes a working environment and effective one, but it’s essential, if you are looking at a physical location, then it has to encapsulate, not just the ideas and ethos of the business, but the practicalities too.


The physical location of the business, especially if you are in a position to build somewhere, needs to bear in mind so many different practicalities. Not just the place, but the structural integrity. You can use vibro stone columns to ensure a more structurally sound building, but you need to have a bit more of an idea in every aspect of practicality. If you are trying to bridge the gap between your blog and the customer, especially the fashion context, by opening a boutique store, you may want to go down the typical high street route, or do what fashion blogger Gabby Harding did, and launched her own swimwear range in a boutique based out of her back garden. Thinking outside of the box is an essential way for you to make the most of your finances, but it’s worth considering, especially when going down the entrepreneurial route, to consider the competition. And once you’ve got an idea of your physical presence, what else can you do to get the business further and wider? It’s at this point where networking is the most essential aspect.


As you develop your blog, you will naturally encounter others who are in the same game, and it’s at this point where you could make the most of them as a guest blogger, or you could have them on your podcast because it’s a way for you to put your trust in them. But also, you can network in such a natural way that it doesn’t appear forced. This is one of the biggest concerns for anyone who’s just starting out in the world of networking. You can feel so pressured to put yourself forward, but you’re also looking for the right people to a line with, that you inevitably ignore a lot of people because you don’t think they are going to get you what you want. This isn’t the best attitude to have. Instead, depending on your own individual personality, you may wish to take a more polite approach. Remember, the great leaders always made time for anyone and everyone and gave them 110% of their focus. This is a valid lesson for any person to learn. And when you are trying to build up your blogging empire, it’s one of the biggest business lessons we can learn.

Understandably, there is a lot to take on board here, but if you are frustrated that your blog isn’t going as far as you want, it is time to consider your plan of attack. You may need to view your blog as more of a business, but in doing this, you could very easily end up removing the personality from the product. And it’s this that we all need to be careful of. But when working at total blogging domination, diversifying yourself, through your content, your business location, and how you network with the right people, are all essential to the final product.

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