Signs that Your Stressful Job is Having an Impact on your Body

Stress is defined as being in a constant state of emotional or mental strain. It can be caused by adverse circumstances and if you don’t deal with it then it could start to manifest as a physical symptom. If you want to learn more about the physical signs of stress, then you can take a look below to find out more.



Acne is quite possibly one of the most visible ways that stress can manifest itself. When you feel stressed out, you will probably touch your face more. This can spread bacteria and it can also contribute to the development of acne as well. There have been so many studies done and they all show that acne is most certainly associated with those who have high levels of stress. The main reason for this is because stress can cause a hormonal shift. This can also contribute to a range of skin conditions.



Chronic headaches are also a sign of stress. A study has shown that stress intensity can have an impact on the number of headaches you experience per month. Other triggers include lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, and even dehydration.


Chronic Pain

Aches and pains are a very common complaint, and this really can result in increased stress levels. The hormone cortisol may also be associated with chronic pain as well. On the flip side, it is more than possible for stress to cause chronic pain. When your stress levels are high, you may find that you feel pain more than usual and your nerve endings may also feel more sensitive. This can be a vicious cycle because as mentioned above, pain can easily raise your stress levels.



If you constantly feel as though you are battling a case of the sniffles, then your stress may be to blame. Stress can have a serious toll on your immune system, and it can also make you way more susceptible to infections. This can cause you to have way more time off work and you may even find that you just can’t seem to get well.



Tiredness is very common, but if you feel as though you are tired no matter how much sleep you get then your stress may be to blame. You may feel as though your body is lethargic and that you just can’t stay awake when you are in the office. If this is the case, then stress could be the culprit. Stress has the ability to wipe you out and it could even cause you to lose out on sleep at night too. If you are getting enough sleep then it may be worth you going for a CT body scan. When you do this, you will be able to find out the root cause.


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