Small Businesses Need To Prepare For Christmas Too

Most households are going through their chocolate advent calendars, opening a new door every day. While it is traditional to prepare the Christmas tree on the first advent weekend, more and more families begin to place their Christmas decor just after Halloween. In fact, it’s not uncommon to celebrate Thanksgiving surrounded by garlands, soft elves, and other Christmas ornaments!

When it comes to the workplace, your team generally expects to spot a Christmas tree at some point between mid-November and the early December. Most customers also look forward to your seasonal decor – both on the website and in stores.

The truth is that everyone needs to prepare for the Christmas holiday. Businesses, especially, have huge responsibilities towards their employees and clients during this stressful time. Needless to say, they can’t afford to fall behind their Christmas duties. It is, after all, the only season of the year that combines both hard work and holiday! If you own a small business are wondering whether you’ve forgotten anything in your Christmas strategy, here’s a breakdown of all the things you need to think about for your company.


Planning a Christmas party for your staff

First, and foremost, if you haven’t yet scheduled a Christmas party for your team, there’s still time to throw a last-minute Christmas event for your business. Don’t get all Scrooge-like about the party. A Christmas event serves as a catalyst that brings your employees together and creates bonds to develop in the future. Additionally, it gives you the occasion to reflect on the year that ends and sets your vision for the year to come.

You can also use the Christmas party as an opportunity to create stories and memories for the company, from embarrassing dance moves to perfectly timed photos; these stories are the heart of your company. They encourage your employees to perceive your business under a new light. Ultimately, the unforgettable business Christmas night plays a significant role in the team’s morale. Planning it as early as possible can be a game-changer for your budget! As you plan, you need to allow for the party spirit: Drinks are a must have — but in moderation. Similarly, avoid weeknights as your staff won’t be as productive as usually on the next morning.


No party? Get everyone a little treat instead

If you’re too late to schedule a Christmas event, you should at least consider the option of giving your team a small gift as a thank you for the year. Christmas is a season for gifts, and consequently, your employees tend to expect something from you. If you don’t want to break the bank, something small and consumable, such as chocolate, can make a perfect present and keep everyone happy.

Alternatively, gift cards from Apple store or grocery stores can go a long way, especially during the Christmas break. You could also choose a more straightforward option and give everyone extra paid time off during the holiday, as everyone could do with relaxing with the family. Last, but not least, you can get your team a small end of year bonus just before the festive season, which is a little something that can go toward their own Christmas party at home.

Don’t forget your clients

Christmas tends to be a quiet period for clients – you might experience a pre-Christmas rush, though, but more on that a little later. Therefore it’s a good idea to send presents to your most significant clients and leads, such as beautiful With Our Aloha Hawaiian flowers parcels or delicious seasonal hampers. The act of giving serves here a double purpose. Firstly, it shows your clients that you take Christmas seriously. But more importantly, it also puts your back at the front of their mind, ensuring that they’ll remember your name for their future projects.


Look after your image during the festive season

If you own a shop, you can’t afford to relax! The countdown to Christmas is going to be a busy period, so you need to make sure that your premises are always spotless, regardless of the footfall you register. As your brand reputation depends on the hygiene and repair policy of your store, you need to set a Christmas strategy that includes cleaning, replacing broken items, and keeping track of your stocks. Additionally, you can add seasonal touches to your decor, from playing Christmas carols to using garlands around the door.

It’s Christmas, join the digital party

It’s not uncommon for businesses to boost their social media presence during the Christmas season. If you haven’t already, you can share the spirit of Christmas using your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile. Change your picture to reflect the holiday season, such as adding a Santa’s hat to your logo or showing off your branded Christmas tree. You’ll find that the added playfulness can have a positive influence on your audience. You can count down the days until Christmas using topical imagery embedded in the workplace.  


Are you ready for the pre-Christmas rush?

Let’s not forget that there are still a couple of weeks before Christmas. Your customers are still shopping, and consequently, if you haven’t already, you need to make sure you can tackle the pre-Christmas rush. The primary question is: Can you tackle an increase in demand? You need to stock accordingly, as it’s not uncommon to experience peaks in orders and sales in the last days before Christmas. If you work in the catering and hotel sector, you might want to take on temporary staff for the season.


Remember: it’s Christmas; time to celebrate

Lastly, we’ve mentioned earlier giving your employees extra days off. You could go further and decide to shut your business during the Christmas holiday. Indeed, as Christmas is ultimately a season a family festivities, offering your team the time they need to relax away from the office can significantly improve their productivity. Besides, the pre-Christmas rush tends to ends at Christmas. Your clients and partners are unlikely to get in touch once the turkey is on the table!

Christmas is a challenging period of businesses. They need to meet a variety of expectations, from employees to clients to maintain their reputation. Ultimately, the best you can do is to encourage your audience to enjoy the festivities so that everyone can come back feeling refreshed.


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