Sneaky House Hacks For An Expensive Look

You’ve very likely pored over the magazines with the home interiors to die for. It’s easy to flip through the pages of a magazine and daydream about it being your home in those pages. They come with a ton of ideas for colors, styles, furniture, and flooring, but they often also come with a price tag that can turn off even the most conscientious interior designer. Most people love to flip through the pages of those home magazines, but affording what they see? That’s not as common. When your ideas are bigger than your budget, it doesn’t mean that you should stop having the ideas. It simply means that you must get a little creative to have the high-end designs on the low-end budget that you have.

It doesn’t take very much organization to get a house looking as homely as possible, but you must remember to include the exterior of the home as much as the interior. One reason for this is pride; what’s the point in pouring your cash into your home if your exterior looks like it’s been bulldozed? The other reason is that you may decide – after making all your changes – to sell up and buy an affordable property for sale elsewhere. Giving your home the illusion of luxury and not sinking into debt is a smart plan because then you get what you want without going broke. So, if you want that illusion of luxury flooding through your home, check out the sneaky house hacks below and start implementing a new plan.




It’s the number one tip for pretty much anyone looking to spruce up their house for a reason: decluttering changes the way an entire home makes you feel. No one wants to walk into a room simply overflowing in stuff. Knick-knacks here, mismatched items there. What’s the point in having things if they don’t have a home to sit in? There just isn’t. You have to get ruthless when it comes to your home. You don’t need to have piles of paperwork and untidy books and random items scattered around your house. What you do need is order, storage, and a fresh outlook. Going through each room with a fine-toothed comb and getting rid of things that you haven’t used in six months is the way forward. You can give a room you barely use a little life because you’ve taken out all the things that made it look unkempt and untidy. Tackle the things that often get themselves into piles such as the shoes by the door, the medley of coats on the hanger (really, who needs more than two coats!?) and the pile of mail on the hall table. These things don’t need to be in piles; they need to have somewhere to live.


Deep Clean.

How many luxury homes have you walked into with dusty baseboards? I’m going to go with not very many. The one trait of a cluttered house is dirt; not because the people living in it are inherently dirty, but because it’s in the nature of clutter to get moved from place to place, covering up any messes. Once you’ve been through your home decluttering it and getting your things organized, you need to roll up your sleeves and apply a little elbow grease. Re-grout the bathroom tiles and take a toothbrush to the nooks and crannies along the crown molding in the house. You’d be surprised how dirt can sit and thicken up over time when you’re not paying attention. Steam clean the floors and shampoo the carpets for an instant lift in the home. You may be keeping on top of the regular chores, but that doesn’t mean that your home is clean. Embracing luxury means a deep clean to end all deep cleans, so grab the marigolds and get cracking.



Clever Lighting.

A very common trait of a luxury home that you sit and lust after is clever lighting. Spotlights in the kitchen, for example, are not just in the ceiling. Under cupboard lighting and those lights that line the baseboards can change the entire look of a kitchen. Designers that are worth their salt use light to define the areas in the home that are of most importance. Why do you think pantries and refrigerators have them? I’m kidding. But it’s true that lighting is important as a feature of your home. The living room, for example, needs far more than just a central ceiling light. Desk lamps for when you’re blogging about your luxury home lusts, overhanging lamps to centralize a space for a reading nook and dimmer switches to make it all that more enticing are all good features to have in a luxury home.



I don’t mean tools in the tool bag, but hardware is such an important feature in the home. Take a look at the door handles of your home and then look at the light plates. How old are they? What materials are they and do these materials enhance the way that your home looks? If you answer no to that question, then you need an upgrade. The positive thing here is that upgrading the hardware is a far cheaper and faster way to make your home look luxurious, but it’s one that is super effective. The countertops and faucets are less simple to change and may require the help of someone who is an expert in the field, but they are both still options if you want to make a difference in your home luxury stakes.

Your home deserves everything that you can pour into it to make it luxurious, so if you want to repaint the hall into a lighter color, or you want to focus on the way your gallery wall looks in the lounge, you should do it. Any small change can make a large impact on your home luxury, and all you need to do is take a little risk to make it look perfect.


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