Staying Safe In The Modern World: A Survival Guide

There are all kinds of threats to our safety and wellbeing in the modern world. Most of us encounter hazards on a daily basis, even though we may be blissfully unaware of the dangers lurking around us. It’s not possible to avoid every accident or swerve every potentially treacherous situation, but there are certain things you can do to try and stay safe.



Don’t fall!

Did you know that falls are the most common type of accident in the US? According to the CDC, more than 33,000 people die every year as a result of an unintentional fall. To prevent unexpected slips, trips, and falls, there are some very simple steps you can take. The most important is to look where you’re going. This may sound obvious, but consider how often you stroll down the road or walk down the stairs while checking your phone or putting a new playlist on. Another tip to keep you on your feet is to wear suitable shoes. If you’re tottering around cobbled streets in heels or trying to navigate slippery sidewalks in sandals during a torrential downpour, there’s a high much higher risk of injury. If you do fall in a public place, there may be a chance that you could make a claim, and you can read about it online. Compensation may be awarded if you can prove that you were not at fault. Sometimes, accidents are inevitable, but many falls could be prevented, so look ahead, wear the right shoes, and look out for warnings like wet floor signs.


Protect yourself online

We devote more time to the World Wide Web every year. The Internet is a groundbreaking revelation, but it does harbor risks. One of the most pressing concerns for users is cybercrime. Use passwords that are difficult to guess, and change them on a regular basis, and stick to secure networks. Never share personal details or pass on information, such as your bank details unless the site is secure. Many people have concerns about the safety of meeting people online, yet Internet dating is prevalent. If you do plan to link up with somebody you’ve met on a website or an app, always choose a public place you know will be busy and tell your friends where you are.


Drive carefully

Car crashes are the most common cause of death among healthy Americans. There’s no way of controlling other people’s driving habits, but you can play your part in driving down accident rates by being a careful driver. Pay attention to the road, don’t drive tired, avoid alcohol and give other vehicles the time and space they need.



In this day and age, it can be difficult to escape hazards. Even if you’re just chilling out at home on your phone, you may still be exposed to danger. Nobody wants to be looking over their shoulder all the time, but sometimes, it pays to be cautious and to take simple steps to prevent accidents and keep yourself safe.


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