Stop Hating On Your Home

It’s time to pause, take a deep breath, and release all of the built up hate you might have for your home at the minute because we know you’re going to have some. Your home is the one place where you can find comfort, peace, and safety. But it’s also the one place where you harbor so much hate. All you can think about is the troubles that owning a home causes you, and how much you seem to pay towards solving all of your troubles each month.

But a home is something that you just can’t live without, so we’re going to have to find some super ways to stop hating on our homes. If you know yours is causing you a few too many issues at the minute, then there are ways of solving it. We think it’s so easy to fall in love with your home all over again, you just have to know the changes that need making to ensure you can!

Some of you might need to work a little bit harder on your homes, and some of you just might need to get in the right mindset for owning a home. Because no matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of your home, so you’re just going to have to live with it!

There’s Things Falling Apart

Houses aren’t made to last forever, and even if you had a brand new home when you first moved in, we don’t doubt that it took long for cracks to begin to show. Not literal cracks of course, this is unheard of in new build houses. But what you find will happen is things start breaking, either at your fault or just the houses.

The items that once used to be so brand new will begin to break down, and it just won’t be as easy to maintain your home as you first thought. But this is only if you have a new build home. If your home is a bit of an older build it might be a matter of a week before you start noticing the things that are going wrong.

So if all you can ever think about are the little issues that seem to be cropping up, how are you ever going to stop hating on your home? Well, it’s easy. All you need to do is focus on the issues that actually matter. Some issues you’re just going to find with an aging house, but some you will need to address.

We’re talking issues with the plumbing or electrics that you might have pushed to the side for a while, or anything that’s getting in the way of your daily life. You might have a door that won’t open properly, or an oven that might not turn on. We’re so good at picking out all of the problems that we have, but we’re just so bad at actually doing something about them.

But it might be the case that things are completely broken, sometimes they just need a bit of an update to ensure they’re funky fresh for your home. On an older home, it’s things like the windows that seem to go first. They just have a bit of general wear and tear from the outside weather and total usage, and it’s just better for the home that you consider getting them renewed.

Not only can they begin to look a bit tatty, but all of that lovely heat that you’re going to try and put in your home over the cold season is just going to float right out. You can get Renewal by Andersen windows that will put your windows back to new, and leave  the outside of your home looking lovely and fresh. You’ll also notice that you’re able to save a nice amount of money on your bills!

There’s Bills Mounting Up

So, speaking of bills, we think it’s definitely the elephant in the room that we need to address. Bills only seem to be on the up at the minute, as does the price of living in general. But as bills are mounting, it can often lead to so much unnecessary stress that you’re dealing with.

No, your bills are never going to go away, but what they can do is get that little bit easier. For example, how much do you spend on your electricity at the minute? This month it’s obviously going to be a little bit more with all the Christmas lights and things that you’ll have on. But in general, you could get away with spending the bare minimum each month.

If you have a family that it out of the house all of the time, there’s no reason why your bills should be crippling you. So, we want to create you a sort of electricity checklist. Before you leave the house you need to make sure you have all of the plugs switched completely off. It just helps to save that little bit extra. Then, you need to check that all of your bulbs are energy saving. They just drain so much money if they’re not!

Finally, you need to make sure people aren’t sleeping with the TV on. We know some people like to fall to sleep to it, but with all TV’s there is a power saving mode that we highly recommend is used. Those three simple tips that you might not be using already, could be the key to your home saving you some money.

There’s A Family Running Wild

If you have a family running wild, then you definitely have some stress on your hand. It can be so easy to blame your home for all of the stress you might be feeling related to it, but it could actually be your family making life harder than it is! They leave everything everywhere, you’re always cleaning up after them, and there never seems to be a quiet moment.

So, if you don’t do already, get your kids doing chores for you so you don’t feel like you’re the one doing everything all of the time. You can also enforce a family quiet time so that you know you’re going to get to that point in the day where everything just slows down a little, and you feel like you can finally relax.

Written by y5zqw

Hello there, I’m Veronica! I run BossPrincess101 for young souls to be inspired by my parenting skills, my techniques with life, DIY projects, the delicious recipes I make for my family, and I love sharing my favorite products with others! I have been a multi-influencer for about 4 years. The past few months I have also really dedicated myself to helping businesses. My goal is to help people build better, not bigger, businesses at the end of each day.

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