Summer Travel Tips For Baby’s First Holiday

Many parents give up on the idea of a summer vacation once the baby has arrived, but you don’t need to. Care does need to be taken, but it is possible to have some time away. In this article, we will give you a few tips to make your life easier.

Don’t travel too far.

It is possible to get on a plane and head for sunnier climes, but if you are worried about going too far in your baby’s first few months, try and stay closer to home. This will alleviate your stress, while still giving you the opportunity to get away from home for a little while. So, perhaps book a stay at a hotel or a bed and breakfast not too far away from you, or arrange a stay with distant relatives (who will be desperate to catch a glimpse of the baby anyway).


Talk to other mommies.

If you’re uncertain about your holiday plans, talk to those other moms who may have more experience than you. They will give you the inside scoop on what you need to pack and give you an idea of child-friendly places you could visit. Especially if this is your first baby, any advice from the mommy-pros will be invaluable.

Streamline your load.

You have more to carry around with you than your new baby. Not only will you be laden down with the luggage of your own, but you will also have the extra baggage that comes with your child. To make your life easier, only take the essentials with you, remembering that some items may be available in any hotel you choose to stay at. Then, when looking at your baby travel essentials, cut down the quantity if anything can be bought in the place you are visiting, and look for travel-sized products that can easily fit into your travel bag.


Be mindful of the sun.

The sun is tough for any of us, but with your baby’s sensitive skin and temperament, you need to take extra precautions. Ensure you pack the appropriate factor sun cream for your child, as well as refreshing water wipes, a spray bottle filled with water, and cooling skin lotions. When traveling by car, remember to unwind the windows, and/or install car window shades to shield the baby from the heat. When out and about, stay in the shade as much as possible, give your baby a sun hat, and regularly feed your baby to keep them hydrated. Of course, ensure you protect yourself too. You need to be at optimum health to look after your child, so take precautions yourself to protect you from the sun’s powerful rays.


Other health and safety tips.

The sun isn’t the only thing that can cause your child harm while away from home, so there are a few other dangers you need to remember. For starters, as with any child, there is the issue of stranger danger. It’s common sense we know, but never let your baby out of your sight, and for extra precaution, carry them around in a sling or body carrier rather than a buggy. If you are visiting anywhere particularly noisy, such as an airport or a music festival, you should invest in baby ear protection to protect their sensitive lug holes. And remember the dangers of water. Never leave your child alone in or near any source of water, be that a paddling pool or near the sea edge, as statistically, the risk of drowning is high for very young children.


Do your research.

When visiting any hotel, or if visiting any country away from your own, ensure you research the places you are visiting first. In terms of accommodation, you really need a home from home experience for baby, so check the available facilities to ensure you will have everything you need to make your baby feel comfortable and secure. Then consider the location. You may prefer to visit a place away from the hustle and bustle of other tourists, so consider a quiet place to visit, or at the very least, book a stay during the off-tourist season. And remember cultural taboos. You don’t want to get arrested for breastfeeding, for example, so check up on local laws before you start making travel arrangements.


Enlist help.

You want to enjoy your holiday, so get as much help as possible. You might want to choose a nanny for the holiday, giving you some time to yourself away from your mommy duties. Alternatively, bring the grandparents along with you, or other family members, who are prepared to help you with your regular tasks. After all, while you want your baby to enjoy their first holiday, you will also benefit from some downtime yourself.

We hope you found this advice useful, though if you are one of those experienced moms we mentioned, please pass on any other tidbits of advice you may have for those new parents preparing to go away on holiday soon. Whatever the case, we hope both you and your baby have a wonderful time away.


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