5 Super Healthy Changes To Make To Your Family Home

Your family home should be a happy, healthy, positive space. However, this isn’t always the case. It’s not your fault; you’re doing your best. Things can easily slip your mind, and a lot of the time, it isn’t even obvious that some things in the home are unhealthy.


That’s about to change! Here, we’re going to give you 5 super healthy changes to make to your family home:


Get Rid Of Toxic Materials, Products, And Textiles

Become more aware of the toxic materials, products, and textiles in your home. They are less obvious than you think! For instance, your cleaning products. Commercial cleaning products are full of chemicals that are bad for you to breath in. Instead, investing in natural cleaning products will make for a nicer environment. Not only that, things like carpet and even common candles can be bad for health.


Get Some House Plants

Houseplants should be included in every home. Having 3-5 houseplants in most rooms in the house is a good idea – and they shouldn’t be a second thought, either. Choose beautiful leafy green plants and you’ll gorgeous color and texture. Plus, the plants help to purify the air, and studies show that they can make us happy just by looking at them!


Install A Whole House Water Filter

Installing a whole house water filter might seem a bit extreme – can’t you just use one of those jugs you keep in the fridge? Maybe you already do. That’s fine for the water that you drink, but what about the water you bathe and shower in? Tap water is much dirtier than you’d think, sometimes containing more than 300 contaminants. These sink into the skin, and you breathe them in! A water filter for your house is the only way to combat this if you don’t want to be taking in toxic metals, pesticides, and more each day.


Let In More Natural Light

Natural light can make us happier and more productive. It can make us feel more alert. So why do people depending on the artificial light so much? Let in more light each day and everybody will benefit.


Make It A More Positive Space In Any Way You Can

Do your best to make your home a more positive space. Taking care of your family’s physical health is fantastic, but what about their mental health? Mental health is just as important but isn’t as widely talked about. You can make your home a more positive space by banning dangerous narratives – like the ones often portrayed on certain TV shows and in magazines. You can make it a more positive space by encouraging self-love and positive talk. You can make it more positive by incorporating positive accessories, like Himalayan salt lamps and aromatherapy. Use these things to make your home your haven; a safe space.


Will you be making these 5 healthy changes to your home? Leave your own thoughts and ideas below.

Thanks for reading!


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