Surprising Reasons You Could Have Gut Health Problems

No one wants to deal with a bad tummy or other digestive problems like heartburn. But everyone has to put up with these problems on occasion, whether from something they ate or due to catching a bug. Sometimes, your gut problems could have surprising causes. If you keep having issues and can’t figure out why the reason might end up being something completely unexpected. Discovering the cause of gut health problems is tricky because it can be so many things. However, take a look at some of the possibilities below to figure out what could be going on.


Sudden Allergies and Intolerances

Many people assume that food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities are present from birth. While this is the case for some things, it isn’t always. This issues can also develop when you’re older. On top of that, it’s possible for the problem to be present but for it to be mild enough that you perhaps don’t notice it. It could then get worse and more noticeable. An expert in gastroenterology might help you to discover the cause of your gut problems. You might also find it useful to see an allergist, who can test for allergies of all different kinds.



Eating Supposedly Health Foods

There’s always a new healthy food that everyone’s saying we should eat. Many of them are super healthy for you, but not everyone’s gut gets along with them. There could be a healthy food that’s doing you more harm than good. For example, things made with whole grain flour could cause blood sugar highs and lows. Whole grains in their true form are better for you. The starches in broccoli and cauliflower could be difficult for your gut to digest, so eating them too often might not be good for you. Fermented foods can cause an allergic reaction, due to containing histamine – so give the kimchi a break once in a while!


Stress and Anxiety

Are you a particularly stressful or anxious person? Even if you don’t realize that you are, it could be one issue that causes you to experience gut problems. Feeling stressed or anxious can cause your body to react because your brain and gut are more intimately linked than you might imagine. If you think that stress is causing you stomach problems, you need to find a way to deal with the stress. There are many coping methods, from meditation to having a cup of tea or even therapy.


Caffeine and Alcohol

The things you consume obviously have a big effect on your gut health. While you might be aware that neither alcohol or caffeine is exactly good for you, you might not realize just how much they can affect your gut. Alcohol can cause heartburn or diarrhea, especially when you drink too much. Many people have coffee in the morning because it helps them stay regular but too much coffee can irritate your gut.


Gut problems can have many causes. If you’re trying to find out what’s causing yours, you can try cutting out certain foods and drinks. Seeing a doctor is also a smart idea.


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