Surviving Summer Special Occasion With The Little Ones In Tow!

BBQs, weddings, and family parties are all abundant during the summer months. Although, for those of us with little ones this can make the hot weather, heavy going. After all, keeping the kids amused and behaving at a party hosted by someone else can be a tall order. Luckily, in the guide below you will find some tips to ensure that you all survive those special summer occasions without too much hassle.



First of all, no matter whether I’m traveling in the car to a fun day out with the kids or attending a wedding or a party it’s always a good idea to have some additional entertainment to hand. Such entertainments need to take the form of things that are easy to transport and don’t take up too much room or aren’t too messy. Then you can get them out if the kids start to become a bit restless or bored.

Good suggestions for entertainment to pack include some coloring books and crayons for the little ones, as well as those compact playsets. Quiet books which are interactive stories made of felt are an excellent idea too, and you can even go for a 21st-century option and pack a tablet with earphones for long journeys or parties where you know there won’t be much entertainment laid on for the kids.



Next, it’s pretty vital to have some snacks with you if you want to survive those special summer occasions. After all the food at weddings rarely ever comes out on time, and the BBQs can be a nightmare of the if there is nothing they will eat, or if it is too spicy.


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Therefore I always pack up a range of items from healthy cereal bars and snack puffs, to fresh fruit, and even cubes of cheese, and biscuits that don’t have too much sugar in. Then you know they will at least eat something, and you can also be sure that they won’t get too moody if you are waiting for the main course to come out for longer than expected.



Obviously, for a special occasion, you will want the kids to look as nice as possible. That means pretty dresses for the girls and shirts with smart touches like these Gucci ties for the boys. However, you do need to think about how long the kids will be in these clothes.

For instance, if you have a long journey, then it may be better to let them travel in something comfortable and change when you get there. Even if you haven’t make sure to take a spare set in case of any spillages or accidents, otherwise you could end up cutting your visit short because the kids have got themselves into a mess!



Lastly, just because you are out for the day doesn’t mean that you should stop using the reward and motivation system that you have in place during the rest of the week.

In fact, the additional promise of a sticker or two towards a longer-term goal can help to remind the little ones not to get too silly, even when they are playing in a big group. Something that means your summer special occasions will not only be survivable but also enjoyable too!


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