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Tailwind Pinterest pinning scheduling bossprincess101 helpwithtailwind helpwithpinterest

The best way to help your business grow your site or your business is promoting. There are a million ways to promote, but one of the best ways is Pinterest! A good pinner would pin am average 30 pins a day, that is a lot of pinning on your busy schedule isn’t it? That is the way they made Tailwind!

Tailwind isn’t just for Pinterest, but you can also use it with Instagram, and it’s all automatic!

I only use Tailwind for Pinterest for now, so that is what I am going to talk about. I will tell you exactly how I use Tailwind for Pinterest for my website BossPrincess101.


So what is Tailwind?

It’s a program that allows you to schedule your pins on Pinterest. When you log into your Tailwind account, there is a calendar where you can create time slots throughout each day of when you want your pins to be pinned to your Pinterest account. When you first join there will already be time slots there, but you are able to edit that and add more to your engagement. There is also an area in Tailwind where it will kind of help you and tell you when the best times are to post for your most engagement. After setting them up, you can easily fill them in with pins, and Tailwind will automatically post them for you!

You will have a constant presence on Pinterest- Currently, I have my calendar set up to have about 2 pins go up between the hours of 5 am and 11 pm. Even though I am super busy all day doing other things and I can not log into Pinterest, Tailwind allows me to be sharing many times a day. This way, my followers can log on at any time and will have a good chance of seeing something I pinned somewhere in their feed!

By Spreading out pins, they won’t appear spammy to Pinterest & you can be rewarded– Tailwind has a great dashboard where it reports your Pinterest stats for you, so you can see how many followers you gain. By having Tailwind your number of followers will increase! Repins also give you a significant boost! Pinterest also sees that you are “pinning” throughout the day, so they will reward you by making sure your pins are seen by people because they appreciate you contributing to Pinterest, and doing it throughout the day in a timely manner.


Browser Plug-In

Tailwind has browser plug-ins for your web browser. So I can be on any web page with an image and click the Tailwind button to schedule a pin. If I want to schedule more than one pin, I can schedule multiple pins at the same time from the same website. You can even schedule pins on Pinterest. This feature has been a life saver for my site!


Tailwind Pinterest pinning scheduling bossprincess101 helpwithtailwind helpwithpinterest

Sort & Shuffle

Another great thing about Tailwind is that I can select more than one board when I’m adding a pin to the queue. I usually schedule each pin to several boards at a time. To make it not spam the same pin or spam all my blogs posts or products at the same time, I use the shuffle button which will mix up everything in my queue. I do this quite often because I will schedule a new blog post about 10-20 times, and then press shuffle multiple times so I will have my pins scheduled for the next couple of months. So my pins are repeated, but not during the same day to the same board.


Tailwind Pinterest pinning scheduling bossprincess101 helpwithtailwind helpwithpinterestAnalytics

  • Track followers and engagement trends for repins and comments at the profile, board, and individual pin level
  • Analyze virality and fan engagement levels over time to ensure your Pins are resonating
  • Free performance summaries they will send you e-mails keeping you updated about the engagement
  • Google Analytics and Omniture integration shed light on your Pinterest ROI with metrics such as visits, transactions, and revenue down to the specific pin


Reschedule Pins

You can use the analytics to go back and reschedule pins that have done good There are two ways to do this, through the Published Pins and  Pin Inspectorsections.  You need to sort by the number of repins and then reschedule those pins that get a lot of repins.


Tailwind Pinterest pinning scheduling bossprincess101 helpwithtailwind helpwithpinterest

Tips For Tailwind

Rearrange your boards: Do this so that the boards you want to pin from most often are near the top.  It is a good rule of thumb to have your choice boards at the top.

Schedule from your main Pinterest boards: Because you can schedule multiple pins at a time, having a board or two with you main pins on them will save you a ton of time.

Organize your boards: Go through your boards, clean up the titles, descriptions, and add more boards.  The more boards you have the more you can pin to.  I’ve started to separate some of my boards so that it’s not just math, but fractions or geometry. The move feature that Pinterest now has makes this really easy. This goes along with “keywords” and you can be recognized more by Pinterest.

Schedule a pin to multiple boards and shuffle: This is what has finally helped my schedule weeks in advance.  If you have enough content and pins, you won’t run into spamming issues.  I will generally schedule a pin to two to four boards at a time.  After scheduling a couple hundred pins, I hit that shuffle button and they’re all mixed up!


Tailwind Pinterest pinning scheduling bossprincess101 helpwithtailwind helpwithpinterestTailwind Tribe

It is a group of bloggers who share their favorite pins and then repin other content. It is a great way to find new content to share with your Pinterest followers.

When you open your tribe, you will see a grid showing all the pins that have been added by your tribe members. You simply pick the one you want to repin, click on it and select your board. Then you can schedule it to be shared with your Pinterest followers.

You’ll will see a scoreboard of sorts in the top right showing how many pins have been added to the tribe, how many new pins have been uploaded by other tribe members, how many you have added, how many you have shared and the number of pins you have opted to skip.

I typically will click on “New” so I can see what other members have shared since my last login. Then I schedule as many of the pins as I find relevant to my boards. If I find something that is just not something I want to share, I can just hover over the image and click ‘Skip’. That way the image won’t keep showing in my feed.

Most tribes will require you to pin 2 for each 1 you add. But just look at the description for the tribe and see what you are allowed to pin and any requirements they have set up.

Are you in a Tailwind Tribe? Got any tips? I’d love to hear! And if you have a tribe that is already running and you think I’d be a great fit, I’d love to join a few more tribes!!!

Sign Up for Tailwind

Now that your Pinterest boards are all in order, it’s time to sign up for TailwindTailwind offers 2 different membership options. Monthly and Annually.

Monthly is $15 a month, deducted monthly, and has a pin limit of 400 pins a month. You can cancel the monthly membership at any time.

The Annual membership is $115, which works out to $9.99 a month. It is paid once a year and gives you unlimited pins a month.

I signed up for the monthly membership but will soon go to annually!


Tailwind Pinterest pinning scheduling bossprincess101 helpwithtailwind helpwithpinterest

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