Taking Care of Your Home from Roof to Basement

When it comes to managing a house, there are the usual things. Daily chores, weekly chores, and deep cleaning. But, those just tackle the inside of the home – let’s take a look at what you should be tackling outside. After all, it’s o good having your home gleaming and sparking inside if the outside looks like it needs a bit of love. There are plenty of jobs that you can do on the outside of your home that will not only help maintain the value of your home but will also mean that when the time comes to pay a professional, the overall cost should be lower. Think of it like how you take your car for a service, but in between, you handle all the smaller jobs.


Drains and Guttering

You can head up and take care of these yourself if you want, and here is what you are looking for. Foreign objects like leaves, abandoned birds nests and moss can cause them to overflow. Over time the drip from these areas can cause damage on the paving below, or drip onto woodwork – causing rot, or dampness on the walls below. In the long run, it is cheaper to clean out a gutter than replace totally rotted woodwork.


Paving and Driveway

Through years of use, they become chipped and cracked. But, it only takes a bit of pressure in the wrong place to shatter a whole slab. Not only that but over the years weeds and roots push through and manage them too. Spend some time removing all the weeds and treat the path. Using a jet wash to clean them up won’t take too long at all.


Roof and Basement

The top and bottom of the house can take a bit of a battering and be truly neglected. Out of sight, out of mind after all. However, you need to get the roof (or the head of the house) checked over at least once a year. If you are going to check it over yourself, you’re looking for things like slipped tiles or slates, chips/cracks, or any corrosion. If you have any flat roofing, like that of a conservatory or an extension, you may have standing water. Any water pooling can cause mold, moss, algae, and lifting and cracking of most materials over time. The basement is the ‘feet’ of your house, you likely take pretty good care of your own. If you take the time to waterproof your property, you will be removing any chance of rot and mold in that space.


Windows and Doors

Creaking windows, peeling or chipped paint, rusty hinges – all common enough problems but over time they have a bigger impact. Head around the house with a can of WD40 and take care of all of the squeaky parts. Sand down and repair any wooden doors or windows. Ideally, you should look to replace any wooden window fittings with longer lasting plastics when the chance arises.


Take care of your home inside and out, and it will take care of you for years to come.


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