Treacherous Tots: Taking The Danger Out Of Your Home

Parenting is a mixed bag of complicated and often overwhelming emotions. For the first time in your life, you are no longer responsible for yourself alone, and now have a whole other person to be thinking about. Of course, though, you will quickly learn how much harder it is to look after a person which you can’t control. Even in the places where they should be safest, there could be loads of hidden risks. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the modern home, revealing the areas which you may want to consider adapting to keep your children as safe as can be.



The Kitchen:

Holding the highest concentration of blades in the house, being home to the cooker, and often having large pieces of furniture, the kitchen holds the top spot for the most dangerous room in most homes. Thankfully, when you’re children are very young, they won’t be able to reach most of the surfaces and certainly won’t have access to high cupboards. Of course, though, there isn’t much point in taking chances. Securing cupboards is nice and easy, with loads of companies making child security locks which can be applied without changing the appearance of the space.


While they can’t reach the worktops from the floor, they will still be able to find ways up there, even if it means moving a chair or two when mom and dad are out of the room. To prevent accidents, keeping knives locked away is a good plan, along with avoiding leaving the cooker on or the kettle filled with water. It’s very unlikely that your child will hurt themselves with any of these components. But, the risk is there, and this means that it should be wiped out. As with any room, you should also consider the risk your furniture could present in the kitchen.


The Living Room:

Unlike the kitchen, the living room doesn’t present a huge list of risks, with most of the concerns involving small falls from furniture like the sofa. To avoid this sort of accident, you should always be there to keep an eye on the little ones. Along with this, a lot of modern TVs are very prone to falling, too. To keep it from landing on your kids, it is worth using strong VESA mounts which will keep it securely mounted to the wall, but you can find more information on sites like if you’re not convinced.. These devices are very heavy and could hurt someone as little as a child.


The Bathroom:

Not a lot of people think about their bathroom when they are considering safety. If you’ve ever stood on wet tiles or laminate flooring, though, you will probably have an idea of the risks which come with this space. Slipping over on a hard floor, while surrounded by hard objects, is very dangerous, and could result in some nasty injuries. This makes it worth looking into a company like to help you to change this area to make it more suitable for kids. Of course, you should always supervise when young children are using the bath.



As the last room to consider, it’s time to think about where kids tend to spend most of their time; their bedroom. The dangers in this space will vary from house to house, with electricity being one of the only universal concerns. Thankfully, covering plug sockets can be done nice and cheaply, and you can look into having electronics tested to make sure that they aren’t a risk. Along with power, you may also want to think about limiting the amount their windows can open, especially if you live very high up.


Along with the risks above, your kids will also have furniture to contend with in their bedroom. Nowadays, most pieces are provided with fixing kits which enable you to fasten your furniture to the walls. This will make it impossible for them to fall over, keeping your kids safe if they ever decide to have a climbing adventure. You can’t rely on children to protect themselves from risks like this, as they won’t often understand what they are doing, and won’t have the experience to see what they are doing is silly.


With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on your home, making it to the safest possible place for your family. As time goes on, it will become easier and easier to achieve this goal, as technology improves to make the home into a truly safe space, but you have to cover it until that point.


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