3 of The Best Cities to Visit in The US

It’s important to take time out, for yourself, particularly if you’re a new mother as not every trip should have to involve researching travel tips for your baby’s first holiday – it’s important to let your hair down from time to time, and in that vein, here are three ideal city break destinations for just a few days away.


The spirit of New York can be summed up in the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys song Empire State of Mind, making it a mecca for ambitious entrepreneurs, and others that wish to be enchanted by the fast pace of it’s beating heart.

That said, New York is also a great place for romance, as you can catch a sunset sail where you’ll see iconic highlights such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, whilst sipping on a glass of champagne as the sunsets on this vibrantly multicultural city.

New York is also a great place to catch a show, with some of the best comedy in the US, and of course, the infamous Broadway where you’ll catch all the most popular stage shows.  Though, for a more relaxed experience, you could walk the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, which is a walk of 1,595 feet – making it a short yet interesting stroll from where you can get some of the best photographs of New York.


LA is the place to come if you’re a fan of the movies or plain old people watching; whilst everyone here is known to be superficially beautiful, trim and toned, the reality is there are a plethora of personalities to intrigue all the senses, from the extroverted to the plain weird.  

It’s a city where everyone has a dream, and many are looking to make it big in the movies, yet the thwarts of tourists make find the “real” LA somewhat hard to find; though if you’re looking to meet people from all over America, and the world, then LA is a great place to visit as it is home to a melting pot of different cultures.

If you want to escape the craziness of LA and are in search of something more authentic, than head North past Santa Barbara for a more refined and relaxing experience, where the pace of life is somewhat slower and time is taken to enjoy fine food and wine, such as at the First and Oak, located in Solvang.



Nashville is a music lovers paradise.  It’s the Capital of Tennessee, and some could say it’s the capital of country music throughout the world.  Everywhere you turn, you’ll find live music filling the streets and a warm welcome associated with Southern hospitality.

In recent times, it has become a bit more of a hipster’s paradise with the concept of “farm to table” ranking highly on most restaurants checklist, which given the ample countryside makes sense, yet, it still has managed to somehow maintain a small town feel – in part, because the centre of Nashville is tiny.

It’s the sort of place to let your hair down, in the safety that the party isn’t going to get too wild, unlike popular party destinations like Key West and New Orleans.  There are a certain refinement and classiness yet authenticity and friendliness about most the venues – making it a great choice for a fun yet relaxed weekend break.


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