The Most Common Exercise Mistakes To Avoid!

Exercising, even for a short time a couple of times a week is so much better than not exercising at all. However, you want to avoid some of the most common exercise pitfalls so that you can feel amazing and get great physical/mental results. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most common exercise mistakes and how you can avoid them. Read on to learn more…


  1. Going For Weight Over Form

Using weights can feel very empowering, but going for weight over form is a big mistake and could lead to long term injury. Although you need to pick a weight that is challenging, you should be able to complete the majority of your sets with great form. That’s the only way you’re going to get the most out of the exercise. Performing the exercise with the wrong form could be very embarrassing; you could hurt yourself on the gym floor, and you might even have a trainer come over to you and correct you in front of other gym members.

If you try to challenge yourself with a weight and it’s too heavy, stop. Take a break. Choose a lighter weight. A lot of using the gym is trial and error, but you should always protect yourself by using the correct form!


  1. Not Challenging Yourself Enough

Maybe you’re hoping to get great results even though you’re not challenging yourself enough. You do need to step outside of your comfort zone if you want to get results. Holding on on the treadmill, for example, will not do anything for you. You see so many people doing this while walking uphill, but they may as well be walking on a flat surface when they hold on! Using a weight that’s too light won’t do anything either, no matter how many reps you do. It’s all lies perpetuated by women’s magazines who say women will get ‘bulky’ if they lift heavy. Not true! Lifting heavier is the only way you’re going to lose fat and get a ‘toned’ look.


  1. Thinking You Have To Break A Sweat To Get Results

You don’t have to break a sweat to get results. It can be beneficial in some cases, but hoping to drown in your own sweat every workout is unrealistic. You might be working as hard as you can on an upper body day, and you still might not sweat. Many people find steady state cardio beneficial, and that doesn’t necessarily make you sweaty either. A mix of different exercises is important, so don’t focus on sweat.


  1. Not Tracking Your Progress

Tracking your progress will help you to stay motivated and see how far you’ve come. In some cases, the fitness center you attend will help you by taking your inches and other stats.


  1. Spending Too Long In Between Sets

You should aim to work out with at least a little intensity. You shouldn’t spend too long on your phone (put it on airplane mode and download a playlist) or talking to other members.


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