The Unclean Truth Behind Your Cleaning Processes

Whether you love or loathe cleaning, there’s a chance you’re pretty on top here now you’re a parent. The days of leaving the washing overnight went out the window with that positive pregnancy test. Rubber gloves are now your accessory of choice, and you can’t remember the last time you ‘left if until later’. All the better for improving the safety of your home, and ensuring your little ones don’t catch anything nasty.

But, what if we were to tell you that your cleaning habits aren’t as clean as you think? We know what you’re thinking; ‘my cleaning is fine, thank you.’. And, we get it. You follow the rules and scrub until your house is shining. How dare we tell you that you’re still unclean? Bear with us, though, as we look at three different cleaning areas which aren’t half as healthy as you think.


The dishwasher

How can you get washing dishes wrong? You stick dishes in and press go. Sadly, a lot of damage can still be done. Many dishwasher gels and tablets contain harmful chemicals including bleach. You don’t need us to tell you that’s terrible news given a lot of this stuff comes straight out of the machine and into your mouth. Over the years, this is sure to do some significant damage, right? The good news is, there’s an easy solution. All you need to do is turn to natural gels like this one from Better Life. These achieve the same level of cleanliness, without all those nasty extras.

The washing machine

The same rules apply when it comes to washing machine powders, only the main issue here is the fragrances. We all like our clothes to smell nice, don’t we? But, your health will pay for that far from the natural scent. Again, you could look out for natural alternatives here. Or, you may want to opt for unfragranced choices and invest in drawer fresheners to make things smell nice.

Bear in mind, too, that drying clothes indoors is bad news. Even using a natural cleaner, you’ll undo benefits by releasing mold spores into your home this way. Instead, invest in a cheap washing line, and always hang outside. If the weather doesn’t welcome that, wait until a nicer day. Your whole family’s health will thank you for it.

The floor

Surely there’s nothing wrong with the way you clean the floor? You use proper products and wipe with a special mop. But, we have bad news for you here, too. For one, most floor cleaning products contain damaging chemicals yet again. What’s more, there’s no need for them. A bowl of soapy water is often more than enough to keep everyday bacteria at bay. On top of that, your mop could do damage. After the first few wipes, you risk smearing bacteria. To make sure that doesn’t happen, only invest in a mop you can wring and wash easily. Then, make sure to use this feature at regular intervals during the cleaning process!


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