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If you are starting to plan out your next holiday with your family, there are many things you might be looking for I that trip. But one of the most common and popular has to be that of luxury; generally, having a more luxurious time in a more luxurious place can do most of the work towards improving your experience of your holiday greatly. If you are especially keen for your next trip to be luxurious, you probably want to make sure that the destination itself is going to be – or else you are unlikely to be able to fulfill that particular dream. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few of the best places in the world which can offer you a real sense of luxury. As long as you consider some of the following, you should find that you can easily make your next trip that much more luxurious – which is good news for all the family.



There are fewer places more exciting than islands, and when you are looking for luxury you just have to consider, in particular, the Barbados islands first and foremost. If you have never been to Barbados, you might find that it is overwhelmingly exciting when you do go there, and you might also be surprised by just how expensive it is. There is much more exploring to do than you might have initially realized, and that alone is going to be a good reason to make sure that you are considering this as your next favored destination. But there is so much more to it than that, and you should stop and think for a second about what kind of an experience you can truly expect if you do decide to go traveling around these beautiful islands.


For a start, you will find what we are looking for here – a great deal of luxury, in other words. You will be able to stay in some of the nicest seaside hotels and eat some incredible food, and you’ll find that you are catered for very well indeed. You will even be able to experience some of the real Barbados community and lifestyle, and you’ll probably be amazed at just how friendly the people can be. All of this helps, for it is never enough to merely be in a beautiful and luxurious place – you also need to feel safe, happy and looked after.


Barbados is likely to be for almost everyone, so it’s definitely somewhere you should think about if you are serious about finding some classic luxury. However, it is far from being your only option, so let’s continue on our trip around the luxurious parts of the world now and consider somewhere completely different from Barbados altogether.



For one reason or another, when people are looking for luxury, they often overlook certain places. This might be because those nations are not seen as having a particularly high amount of money or a strong economy, and so it might be hard to figure out just how you would be able to find a luxurious holiday here. However, you will find that even in the poorest places in the world there are some luxurious spots and accommodation options. In fact, it is in the accommodation that you can really see evidence of this, hands it’s worth looking at this through the example of the beautiful country of Thailand.


Although Thailand itself is not exactly poor, it is considerably less developed than many Western countries, so it often falls prey to this kind of thinking. However, it is also a particularly fascinating and fabulous place, and somewhere that you can expect to find a great deal of luxury if you know where to look. If you are going to Phuket, for instance, you will want to consider staying at the Sala Phuket hotel. This is a five-star hotel for the cost of a three star here, and it is truly magnificent. You can expect a private pool villa, being waited on hand and foot, and any number of incredible and outlandish features which you can make use of. You’ll be amazed at what paying just a little bit more can really do for your experience of luxury.


If you are going to Bangkok instead, then you have even more options available to you. Probably the most luxurious and famously so is the Four Seasons, which is known for having one of the highest views over the city from its rooftop bar. This is one reason amongst many why you might choose to stay there – but you will also find that it is incredibly and enormously fancy in the rooms themselves too, and likely to be a true five-star experience unlike anywhere else you might be used to.


As you can see, Thailand can be particularly good for luxury – but there is someone not far away which is also likely to be near the top of your bucket list, and it’s worth considering alongside this one.



Arguably much less visited than Thailand, owing to the fact that Thailand is built more for tourists, Indonesia is nonetheless stunning, and probably remains even more true to its own actual heritage as a result of being walked less. Regardless, it is still a known destination, with a particularly high number of tourists arriving from Australia and other parts of Asia every year. And it’s not too hard to see why they might be tempted to come, given its variation, size, and beautiful sights. What’s more, you don’t have to look far to find some degree of luxury either.


Visiting Indonesia you might find yourself struggling to work out where to go first, but generally, you will either go to Jakarta or Java. if the former, you should consider renting out an apartment solo, which can be done easily and in such a way that you will feel like you are on top of the world. If you take a look at you will see that there are many examples of such properties for you to choose between. Even if you are only staying for a short while, you will find this to be the perfect location for simply unwinding on the beach and being pampered, so it’s definitely something that should feature on your list of top luxury paradises in the world. If nothing else, it’s a great one to consider for a slightly cheaper alternative to many of the other beautiful and stunning Asian highlights which can offer such luxury. You certainly won’t be disappointed.



Although plenty of Australia has a lot to offer in the way of luxury, Sydney in particular needs special mention. It is something of the cultural capital of the continent, and it’s likely to be one for the very top sights you want to see if you do find yourself in Australia at any point. However, something that a lot of people don’t realize about it is that it is also especially luxurious, in a way which a lot of tourists don’t really expect from Australia. Let’s look into Sydney in a little more detail, and discuss why it might be such a great place to go and seek out some real luxury.


First of all, there is a real sense of fun and non-stop partying in this city, and that, for the most part, makes it a fascinating and enjoyable place to live. It is also likely to be able to offer you an especially unique kind of range of hotels, which are all magnificent and rarely anything but luxurious. If you go to the richer end of town, in particular, you will find it is easy to find this kind of luxury in great swathes of the city. As you can appreciate, it is also a great place to eat seafood, and it has a huge number of seafood restaurants which are likely to be the best in the world of their kind.


Sydney is somewhere you should absolutely consider visiting if you’re keen on seeing and being in some real luxury, so be sure to consider it.


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