5 Things You May Forget To Get When Preparing For Your Newborn

When it comes to having a baby, your mind is going to be a bit of a mess! It’s definitely exciting, and it’s daunting too – but you have to admit that there’s a lot to think about. You’ve not only got the physical planning and preparations that go with having a baby, but there’s also preparing your mind, making sure that you’re ready for labor too. And that can be a lot. So it’s no surprise that when you’re having a baby, you may forget about things. But we all know that there are some things that you’re just not going to want to forget. You’re going to have a baby shower, and thankfully you should get lots of gifts that will be super handy there. But there may be things that you also need to remember to stock up on yourself.


Post-Baby Loungewear

First of all, there’s loungewear. When you’ve had your baby, for the first few days at least, you’re going to be tired, and you’re going to want to feel as comfortable as possible. But the loungewear that you wore at the end of your pregnancy may not fit you now – with the bump almost gone! So when you’re in your last few weeks, it’s handy to pick up a set of loungewear in a smaller size so that you have something comfortable to wear for the first few weeks.


Nursing Bra

Next up, you’re going to want to make sure that you pick up a nursing bra too. When you’re preparing for the baby, it’s only natural that you think about everything that the baby will need. But you also need to be thinking of yourself too. Because if you are nursing, choosing a suitable bra is always going to be a good idea for both ease and comfort.


Moses Basket

Now, of course, you’re going to have a crib, but will you want to put them straight into it? Not always! So it can often be a nice idea to get a Moses basket too. That way, you can have them sleeping next to you in your room, or anywhere around the house too.



From here, you may also want to pick up a keepsake or two. It’s often nice to commemorate your baby’s birth. And while some people may invest in some for you, you may want to get some pieces yourself. From a New Zealand Mint coin to a Sterling Silver baby rattle, there are a lot of options. So be sure to choose something that you know (and they) you can hold on to forever.



And finally, don’t ever think that you’ve got enough. If you feel like you do already have everything that you need, they still get more. When it comes to diapers, blankets, onesies, bibs, pacifiers, and more, you will probably find that you lose lots of them and it can be frustrating. Because where do they go? So you can never have enough. Definitely buy your own, even if you get given them at your shower. And continue to buy them, just to make sure that you have enough.


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