8 Things You Never Knew You Needed

As we go through life, many of us collect stuff. We pick up random things in sales that we’re not quite sure that we need, but the price seems too good to miss out on. We get things free with magazines and purchases that we never use, but we keep, just in case. Clutter builds up, our cupboards start to fill, and suddenly our shelves are overcrowded, and we have many things that don’t have a home. Yet somehow, there are still plenty of things out there that we haven’t got, that we don’t know that we need, but that could change our lives. Here’s a look at eight of those things that you never knew you needed.


A Watch

There are many people out there that have never owned a watch. We look at our phones to check the time, and we’ve never even considered wearing a watch. But, you wouldn’t believe how many phones get stolen or lost from back pockets after a quick time check. It’s much safer to keep your phone securely in a bag and wear a watch to check the time. They’re also a much more attractive accessory. They can look classy, sophisticated and expensive.

Watches come in all different shapes and sizes. Smartwatches and activity trackers that tell the time have many different functions, but if you are going for style, nothing beats a good old-fashioned wind up. Just remember that if you don’t plan to wear it all of the time you’ll need to check out bestwatchwindersguide.com so you can keep it charged.


A Bag Re-Sealer

How many bags of crisps or treats have you had to throw away because they’ve gone stale after being left open? Even bag ties don’t work as well as they should when it comes to keeping things fresh. Or, how many times have you eaten full bags of something, just because you didn’t feel like you could keep them? A bag sealer could be the answer. You’ll save money, cut your food waste and potentially even lose weight. The sealer heats the bag slightly as you run it along the opening. Sealing in a completely airtight manner.


Can Handles

When you drink a cold can of soda, two things happen. First, your hand freezes, making enjoying your drink incredibly uncomfortable, especially on a cold day. Then, in time, the tables turn, and your hand starts to warm your can. Leaving you with a slightly warm and flat soda, not what you wanted at all. Can handles could solve all of your problems. A plastic handle fits on to the top and bottom of your can so that you can drink in comfort, while the beverage stays cold for a lot longer.


A See-Through Toaster

Toasters are tricky things. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a nice bit of toast, covered in melted butter. But, getting it just right is tough. We all like our toast different, so there’s no one setting fits all, and despite the myth that the numbers on the dials are for minutes, there’s no way of knowing how long your toast takes to reach your own perfect toastiness. So, many of us spend minutes popping the toast up to check it, before putting it back in again. Doing this too often can leave your toast too crunchy, and it’ll take longer to get right.

A see-through toaster saves you time and effort and means that your toast is never disappointing. Watch it until it reaches the right color, then pop it out.


A Flat Extension Cord

Is your home full of extension cords and cables? New homes often have plenty of plug sockets, but those of us that live in older homes often have to wire extension cables around so that you’ve got access to power wherever we need it. These wires are messy, they ruin our décor, and they can even cause a tripping hazard. They can be especially dangerous if you’ve got children or pets and can easily become tangled up.

A flat cord isn’t much thicker than a piece of tape, with thin wires running through the middle. It’s used exactly the same as an old-fashioned cable but easily fits under furniture or against walls. It’s practically impossible to trip over and is much more discreet.


Pizza Scissors

Cutting pizza shouldn’t be hard. But it really is. Melted cheese gets stuck to your knife, you risk minor burns, your slices are uneven, and it’s almost impossible to lift without losing half your topping. Many have a pizza wheel, thinking that it will help but it rarely makes the job much easier.

Some people find that scissors are the perfect answer. Cutting your pizza with scissors makes it much easier to get even slices and cut without losing toppings. But, how do you lift them on to your plate? Pizza scissors offer you the best of both. A small pizza slice, with attached scissor handles, means you can cut and lift easily, without burns or mess.


Bookmark Pointer

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book. Then, when you’re done, you slip your bookmark in so that you know where to start next time. But, what about if you don’t want to, or can’t, finish at the end of the page? What if you’re called away, or you’re just too tired, and you finish midway through. Then, next time you pick your book up you have to start at the top again or spend a while skimming to find out where you are. A bookmark with a handy little pointer on means that instead of just holding a page, you can point to the line you got to.


Food Huggers

Just like how packets of food go bad when left open, fresh food, like fruits and vegetables don’t last when they’ve been started. But, we don’t always want to eat them all. Food huggers are small silicone molds that come in a range of sizes and fit around fruit like lemons, onions, and others. Keeping them fresh for another day.


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