Time to Prepare Your Home For Winter

It might seem somewhat premature to be talking about preparing your home for winter, with the sizzling sun beating down on us in this incredibly intense summer, but now is actually the ideal time to start preparing for winter, for as with most things – preparation pays off, and you don’t want to leave things to the last minute.

Indeed, warm dry and light evenings are the perfect time to take care of home maintenance tasks such as repairing roofs, fixing gutters, and cutting hedge back (in which case you’ll want to check out https://www.yardcaregurus.com/best-hedge-trimmer-reviews/ to find the best hedge trimmers) – as who wouldn’t prefer to do these tasks in nice weather rather than the wind, rain and possible snow that is waiting for us just around the corner.


Right now, for most people, the focus is definitely on keeping cool, but as we soon move into the fall, our focus will shift to that of keeping warm… which can be a surprisingly expensive thing if you are reliant on central heating or have poor insulation.

Now is the time to start winter-proofing your home as not only will this make you feel more comfortable when the cold weather does hit, it will also help you save money, and be less stressed in leaving things to the last minute.


If you have draughty windows or doors that are in need of repair or replacement, now is the time to be doing this, as the summer months offer a much more comfortable climate to be doing such repairs – particularly in the evening.  In ensuring your home is well insulated with double or triple glazing and draft reducing doors, you are going to keep a lot more of the heat generated in your home from the boiler (i.e. central heating) inside your home, which means a significant reduction in energy costs.

The other thing to consider with regard to energy costs is that if you have an open fire, then you should start to use this rather than rely on the convenience of costly central heating; and now is the best time to be gathering wood for the winter months, as this way, you can have a stockpile that is nice and dry, just ready and waiting to be burned.


Now is a great time to look at insulating the key areas of heat loss within your home, such as the roof – indeed the roof cavity seems to just suck heat out of your house, and therefore you’ll want to ensure it is very well insulated.  This way, not only will you have a more warm and cozy ambient temperature but it will cost a lot less too.


Just because winter brings much coldness with it, the sun is still often out, radiantly shining – meaning these rays can be used with eco-friendly solar panels to generate energy.  We sometimes subconsciously feel that solar panels require heat to operate, which isn’t the case, it just needs sunshine and there are plenty of winter days where the sun has got his hat on, even though it feels cold.

In summary, it does seem premature to be talking about preparing for winter, but all these things require preparation in advance of winter and are much better to take care of in the warmer much drier weather those summer hosts.


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