3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Health as an Entrepreneur

Everyone knows that being an entrepreneur involves more than a little bit of grind. You’re your own boss now just like you always dreamed, but that means that you’ve really got to be your own boss. You need to hold your nose to the grindstone, work hard, avoid procrastination, and be consistent if you want good things to come your way.

Of course, one of the downsides of grinding hard at work is that you can sometimes take it a bit too far as let your health slip as a result.

As an entrepreneur, there are no “paid sick days”, just days where you’re not working and holding your company together. So if you fall ill, and can’t resolve the problem with a quick trip to the urgent care clinic, you might be in trouble.

For that reason alone, taking care of your health is particularly important if you’re an entrepreneur. Here are a few suggestions for doing that.


Focus on dialing in your nutrition, exercise, and sleep

When it comes to lifestyle practices that contribute to health, nutrition, exercise, and sleep, encompass almost everything.

To stay healthy as an entrepreneur, you should by no means fall into the common trap of skipping sleep. Modern research has found, time and time again, that even just an hour less sleep than necessary can cause disease, and the breakdown and improper functioning of various systems in the body.

Your nutrition should be a priority, also, and should comprise of home-cooked whole foods. Be sure to eat enough, too, as too few calories, or too little of any essential macronutrient, will put you in a bad situation.

Finally, try to get an hour of moderate physical activity each day if possible, and move around as much as you can during the day. Take 5-10 minute breaks every hour to walk around a bit.


Look at appropriate insurance and other relevant programs for entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs naturally don’t enjoy the same on-the-job perks as employees of large companies do, it’s part of your job as an entrepreneur to come up with ways to give yourself those perks.

Look into appropriate health insurance policies for entrepreneurs or self-employed workers. You’ll likely find that there’s something out there that works for you, and that is feasible for you to sign up to.

You might also find that there are other appropriate programs and systems you can sign up to that might help you cope if you were to fall sick, such as grocery box deals which minimize the amount of direct work you need to contribute to eating healthily, for example.



Create as much of a financial buffer against health issues as you possibly can

Unfortunately, falling into a state of poor health can be expensive. It can be expensive both because of the fact that you have to pay for healthcare, and also because you have to cover the normal expenses of everyday life, without necessarily being able to earn additional money for a time, at least.

A practice that every entrepreneur should engage in — every person, in fact — is to put aside as much of their money as possible at the end of each month, for future “rainy day” expenses.

The more of a financial buffer you’re able to create, the better able you’ll be to withstand a period of poor health.


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