Tips On Keeping Your Furniture Clean!

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Here is a list of ways you can keep all of your furniture clean! Some of the ideas may seem CRAZY but I want you to know it really works!

Also if you try using one of my tips & tricks and you happen to do it the wrong way and it ruins your furniture, you can not put that on me. You should have done it right the first time!

I advise everyone to get your furniture fixed professionally by someone locally in your area, but I understand that gets expensive so that is why I put this list together!

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To Remove Polish Build-Up:

Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup water. Rub with a soft cloth that has been moistened with a solution, but wrung out. Dry immediately with another soft cloth.

Polishing Carved Furniture:

Dip an old soft toothbrush into furniture polish and brush lightly.

Cigarette Burns:

For small minor burns, try rubbing mayonnaise into the burn. Let sit for awhile before wiping off with a soft cloth. Burns can be repaired with a wax stick (available in all colors at paint and hardware stores). Gently scrape away the charred finish. Heat a knife blade and melt the shellac stick against the heated blade. Smooth over damaged area with your finger. But always consider the value of the furniture. It might be better to have a professional make the repair. Or, make a paste of rottenstone and salad oil. Rub into the burned spot only, following the grain wood. Wipe clean with a cloth that has been dampened in oil. Wipe dry and apply your favorite furniture polish.

Removing Paper that is Stuck to a Wood Surface:

Do not scrape with a knife. Pour any salad oil, a few drops at a time, on the paper. Let sit for awhile and rub with a soft cloth. Repeat the procedure until the paper is completely gone. Old decals can be removed easily by painting them with several coats of white vinegar. Give them vinegar time to soak in, then gently scrape off.


Make sure you always rub with the grain of the wood when repairing a scratch.


Remove the meat from a fresh, unsalted walnut or pecan nut. Break it in half and rub the scratch with the broken side of the nut.


You can either rub the scratch with a dark brown crayon or buff with brown paste wax.

Red Mahogany:

Apply ordinary iodine with a number 0 artist’s brush.


Combine equal amounts of iodine and denatured alcohol. Apply with a Q-tip, then dry, wax and buff.


Use black shoe polish, black eyebrow pencil or black crayon.

Teak Wood:

Rub very gently with steel wool. Rub in equal amounts of linseed oil and turpentine.

Light-Finished Furniture:

Scratches can be hidden by using tan shoe polish. However, only on shiny finishes.

For all Minor Scratches:

Cover each scratch with a generous amount of white petroleum jelly. Allow it to remain on for 24 hours. Rub into the wood. Remove excess and polish as usual.

For Larger Scratches:

Fill by rubbing with a wax stick (available in all colors at your hardware or paint store) or a crayon that matches the finish of the wood.

Three Solutions to Remove White Water Rings/Spots:

1. Dampen a soft cloth with water and put a dab of toothpaste on it. For stubborn stains, add baking soda to the toothpaste. 2. Make a paste of butter or mayonnaise and cigarette ashes. Apply to spot and buff away. 3. Apply a paste of salad oil and salt. Let stand briefly. Wipe and polish.

Marble Table-Top Stains:

Sprinkle salt on a fresh-cut lemon. Rub very lightly over the stain. Do not rub hard or you will ruin the polished surface. Wash off with soap and water. Scour with a water and baking soda paste. Let stand for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Removing Candle Wax from Wooden Finishes:

Soften the wax with a hairdryer. Remove wax with paper toweling and wash down with a solution of vinegar and water.

** I personally switched to using this great wax remover I found online!

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Plastic Table Tops:

You will find that a coat of Turtle Wax is a quick pick-up for fulled plastic table tops and counters. Or, rub in toothpaste and buff.

Glass Table Tops:

Rub in a little lemon juice. Dry with paper towels and shine with newspaper for a sparkling table. Toothpaste will remove small scratches from glass.

Chrome Cleaning:

For sparkling clean chrome without streaks, use a cloth dampened in ammonia.

Removing Glue:

Cement glue can be removed by rubbing with cold cream, peanut butter or salad oil.


Wicker needs moisture, so use a humidifier in the winter. To prevent drying out, apply lemon oil occasionally. Never let wicker freeze. This will cause cracking and splitting. Wash with a solution of warm salt water to keep from turning yellow.

Metal Furniture:

To remove rust, a good scrubbing with turpentine should accomplish this job.

Vinyl Furniture:

Never oil vinyl as this will make it hard. It is almost impossible to soften again. For proper cleaning, sprinkle baking soda or vinegar on a rough, damp cloth, then wash with a mild dish-washing soap.

Soiled Upholstery:

Rob soiled cotton upholstery fabric with an art gum eraser or squares (purchased at the stationery store).

Leather Upholstery:

Prevent leather from cracking by polishing regularly with a cream made of one part vinegar and two parts linseed oil. Clean with a damp cloth and saddle soap.

Grease Stains:

Absorb grease on furniture by pouring salt on the spill immediately.

cleaning cleaningfurniture cleaningtips cleaningfurnituretips cleaning101 cleaningfurniture101 bossprincess101

Do you have any tips & tricks you could share with me about cleaning furniture?

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cleaning cleaningfurniture cleaningtips cleaningfurnituretips cleaning101 cleaningfurniture101 bossprincess101

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