Tricks To Teach Your Children On Buying Their Own Home

As our children grow up, we are constantly teaching them things about life like how to wash themselves, keep their homes clean, and how to act in social situations. Unfortunately, many young adults fly from the nest with no idea about how to get themselves into a financially stable position. While as a parent you can teach them about handling money, a more difficult lesson is teaching your children about becoming a homeowner. That responsibility isn’t for everybody, but it’s a useful skill to know in case the time ever arises. Here are some tricks to teach your children about buying their own home.



Give them plenty of time to save

One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is time to get their lives together. So, if they are still living at home and you know that they want to buy their own home, then let them know that you’re willing to have them stay as long as needed to allow them time to save for a deposit. A really great idea is to charge them rent and when it comes to them moving out, give them the money that they have paid to you as rent as a housewarming gift, or even as the last bit of money they need to buy their own home


Alert them of options when it comes to deposits

Sometimes as a young adult, you want to become independent as soon as you’re of age, and that’s understandable. However, you’re immediately expected to be in charge of all of your finances and it can be difficult to find the money to put aside to buy your own home. However, there are now ways to get help with your deposit, like with They take into consideration your needs when it comes to buying and offer a solution that will help you get onto the property ladder faster


Teach your children about alternative home owning methods

The government is aware how hard it is for some people to become homeowners, so they have put some schemes into place that can help with doing just that. Using the shared ownership option allows you to buy your home bit by bit, while still paying rent to your housing association. Alternatively, you could stay in your council home for three years or more and see if you’re eligible for the right to buy scheme, which means that buying your home will entitle you to discounts too. Make your children aware of these options if finding a deposit just isn’t on the cards.


Set up a fund while they are young

A wonderful idea to help your children buy their own home is to set up a fund while they are young. Make them aware of this as they get older so that if they want to, they can contribute any earnings from pocket money, or even weekend jobs to the fund. Set the fund to a certain age so that they can then go out and buy themselves a home right from the word go and never have to worry about not having a roof over their heads.


Buying a home is no easy task, but teaching your children valuable and more simple ways of doing so may just help them get themselves on the property ladder at a younger age!


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