Want To Monetize Your Blog? You’ll Need To Go All The Way

It can be quite tempting to look into SEO and try to figure out how to monetize your blog. Luckily, this can be done if you’re diligent and try your best to rectify any issues you might encounter. However, this is not something that simply forms without much attention or effort. You must build your relevance online step by step, and from there try to develop a platform worthy of achieving an income.

This means that you’ll need to go all the way. Investing and monetizing your blog is not child’s play. It will take constant awareness, a willingness to fine-tune your content and to stay on top of the relevant modern trends. All of this can seem quite obvious, so it pays to know where the specifics lie.

Thankfully, you’re in the right place. If you have a blog you’re proud of but aren’t sure where to begin next, consider the following:

Contact A Specialist SEO Service

If you blog steward a readership and you hope to monetize that using SEO, you’ll need to speak to the professional. To increase your search ranking might take a little more fine-tuned advice, from the style of content you publish to the art of backlinking and embedding relevant images. Some SEO companies will both happily host SEO articles on your website while also offering you to write more of this content for your blog – allowing you to steward some really individual content and helping you profit further. It might be worth taking on this opportunity to try and adapt to this new style, as practice makes perfect, and the more capable you are the more you can assess the quality of articles submitted to you in the future.


Stay Reachable

While many SEO firms will adhere to normal office hours, it might be that you’re in contact with more than one company in different time zones. It might be that your personal schedule is such that the SEO blog is a secondary consideration. Despite scheduling conflicts and many other forms of inconvenience, you need to stay reachable.

It’s not hard to understand why or how, what it’s difficult is keeping on top of this practice, day after day and week after week. We’d recommend purchasing either a tablet, laptop and a competent mobile device on top of your normal desktop computer. We suggest you keep an instant messaging service such as Hangouts or Skype your first priority (different companies will use different software,) and that you have an ever-present metrics tracking software open on a second screen to give you moment-to-moment feedback about your blogging success. Some firms will require you deliver them this information, while others will be able to gauge that metric themselves.


Content Is Key

Content matters. In fact, without it, none of these monetization efforts would work. This means you need to continually publish content, preferably one, two or more articles per day. This doesn’t mean you should focus on quality over quantity, but you should be continually aware of just how your blog can suffer if it’s overloaded with affiliate content. Google has become extremely adept at located and counteracting negative SEO methods, meaning that it takes more subtlety and wisdom to develop a more competitive offering.

This means publishing personal content to balance out the paid content. Put simply, you should run your blog how you ran it before to gain your audience, and consider the paid affiliate marketing to be an extra bonus to help keep things running. Many bloggers feel that as long as they’re having content written by professionals, they can take a backseat. However, not only can this be quite easy to identify by your long-term readers, but it can stop your blog from retaining its character, and this will be punished in the search rankings.

Invest in keeping your blog a lively, updated, interesting and curious form of online publication, no matter how humble and personal your content is. As long as you keep quality as a focus, you will find that you will continually make content king. Another fortunate consequence of this is that ghostwriters will understand the purpose of your blog, and thus write copy more appropriate for your audience, rather than a generalized and ill-fitting article.



One of the benefits of writing relevant and informative articles is that you will most likely hit the correct keywords to bring traffic to your website. However, it might be that your form of communication or ultra-niche terminology could prevent this from happening. This is why in the first place it’s always best to write in a style that has a relatively average reading age index, and also in a chatty and relatable style.

However, hitting the right keywords is less of an art and more of a science. To hit them correctly, consider using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help you stay on top of your content, and also see how other websites are using terms to influence search traffic in their favor. This effort will also help you see common trends of searches, and what surrounding aspects of a topic you might like to prioritize. This isn’t to say you should chase trending items all of the time with all of your articles, but when placed in the articles that matter, or in titling posts, you might find some real benefit.


Following Ease

You need to make it absolutely clear to your audience how to follow you. Give them absolutely every reason to do so. This might mean offering a personalized RSS feed option to subscribe to front and center, to encourage readers to follow your social media accounts which will then backlink to your copy (such as posting an Instagram image for the title of each article,) as well as updating often with relevant, not spammy content. From there your audience will always be able to reach new posts you publish, and as such help you continually retain exposure.



Monetizing your blog can often be a long road, and might take a substantial amount of effort to do so. However, with the right content, affiliates, and stewardship, there is no reason why blogging cannot be a viable income source.


This post may or may not contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase any of the products I have recommended, I may or may not receive a small commission at no cost to you. For more information, please see my disclosures.

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