15 Ways to Create Family Fun in Your Happy Home this Summer

When the sunshine starts to peep through the clouds there is nothing more exciting than heading out into the garden with the family. The lush green grass is ready for the kids to run around on, the flowerbeds are ready to be replenished and you want to dust off the barbecue for a fun outdoor family dinner. You will never take for granted having an outside haven to enjoy, so you want to make sure you are taking good care of it. You want your home to be a safe sanctuary for your children to enjoy this summer, as well as a super fun place to play. If you’re worried about being stuck for activities this year then you are in the right place. Grab some inspiration from here with these fifteen fun ideas to keep the little ones occupied whilst the sun is shining. Not only will these activities keep the rascals out of trouble, they will also be extremely enjoyable for you too. So throw on your sun hat, lather on the sun lotion and dig out your favorite pair of sunglasses, because summer is just around the corner. Enjoy a happy healthy sun-filled season this year and make memories from the comfort of your own home.

Sprinkler Safety

Everyone knows how important (and fun!) it is to have your sprinklers on during the summer. Your lawn will need a healthy dose of water when the temperatures increase so be sure to call Pro Irrigation. There are many toxic chemicals that could become a real health hazard if they were to get into your water supply. Make sure your water is completely safe from pollutants and allow your kids to play in the water safely.


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Sunny Slip and Slide

Whilst your safe sprinkler is running why not pull out a super fun slip and slide? Your little ones can throw on their bathing suits and slide into summer in style. It will not only keep them cool, but it will also keep them entertained for hours.


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Perfect Pool Fun

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool then make sure you get it cleaned and heated ready for the summer sun. There is nothing more refreshing than diving into a fresh clean swimming pool. Pull out the paddling pool if you don’t have a backyard big enough, it’s just as fun!

Glorious Gardening

You would be surprised how much fun gardening is for kids, especially if you tailor it to their age group. Allow them to plant a sunflower and watch it grow taller than they are. Show them how to care for it and they will be proud to call it their own.

Happy Herbs and Veg

As well as planting flowers, tell your kids the fun of growing your own herbs and vegetables in the backyard. Plant carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, rosemary, and basil; show them how delicious it can be to pull your dinner straight from the ground and onto your plate.

Cute Crafts

Crafts don’t have to be kept indoors; spread out your resources across the garden and let your little ones paint in the fresh hair. You won’t have to worry about making a mess on the carpet either!

Bountiful Barbecue

Lazy summer Sundays with the smell of barbecue in the air is simply unbeatable. Gather your neighbors together and join forces to create a summer feast worth waiting for.

Outdoor Movie Magic

When the evenings are warm it lovely to stay out later than you should with the kids. Set up an outdoor movie screening and pull out some beanbags and blankets for the ultimate summer evening experience.

When Summer Storms Strike

Summer doesn’t always mean sunshine when stormy days strike you might want to organize some indoor fun. Cooking, baking, coloring and singing are all wonderful indoor activities to keep everybody busy.


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Picnic Perfection

Forget about messing up the kitchen; lay out a classic picnic blanket and enjoy your lunch al fresco. Finger food such as hummus, pita bread, carrot sticks and grapes make for a delicious and healthy lunch for all ages.


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Excellently Educational

Educational games during the summer will keep your kid’s brains active. Teach them about numbers, play alphabet games and read together in the summer sunshine. They won’t even realize they are working hard because they’re having so much fun.

Play Date Delights

Invite their friends over for a playdate and switch the responsibilities with the other parents too. Every mom and dad need a day off in summer, so playdates are an awesome way of giving yourselves some kid-free time.

Go Old School

Teach your children the games you used to play when you were little. Draw out a chalk hopscotch game on the driveway or teach them the classic skipping rope songs from your childhood.

Cheeky Chores

Kids don’t always realize they are helping out with household chores as long as you make it fun! Show them how to water the plants, pull up the weeds and put the toys away in the garage. They will be willing to help you out more than you might think.


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Super Fun Sports Day

Finish off the summer with a super fun sports day in the backyard. Egg and spoon races, sack races and relays should all be top of the list!

You won’t be lost for ideas ever again and this summer will surely be one to remember. Invite the neighbors around and show off your gorgeous, well-kept garden. Get the kids to help out with the chores in a fun and light-hearted way. There is no better noise than the laughter of your children, thriving in the outdoors. Say goodbye to electronic screens this summer; it’s all about a good time in the garden. There is nothing more rewarding than making memories at home where your children are in a comfortable environment. So pull out the barbecue, lay out the picnic blanket and turn on the water sprinkle, because this summer is going to be one to remember.


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  1. You have mentioned varieties of fun ideas and it sounds so good and entertaining. I love seeing children in outdoor rather than indoor but it requires patience 🙂

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