5 Ways To Protect Your Eyesight

As we get older, our eyesight may naturally start to deteriorate. However, there are many causes of vision loss that can be avoided by breaking certain bad habits and making small changes to one’s lifestyle. Here are just a few ways in which you can look after your eyes and protect your sense of sight long into old age.


Reduce your screen time

If you spend hours a day staring at a computer screen or playing games on your phone, you could be contributing to short-sightedness. Taking regular breaks from these activities and allowing yourself to focus on things further away can reduce the risk of this happening. You may also be able to make an impact by reducing the brightness of your screen when working in a dimly lit environment, putting less of a strain on your eyes. There are programmes that can automatically tint your screen to match the time of day.


Say no to smoking

Smoking can damage your eyes in multiple ways, resulting in macular degeneration and contributing to blindness later on in life. Smoking constricts blood flow to the eyes, which can cause retina damage and damage to the optical nerve. It can also damage the tear ducts making your eyes dryer and more susceptible to irritation. Take steps to stub out your smoking habit if you want to maintain healthy vision.


Protect your eyes from the sun

Too much UV exposure from the sun can also be damaging to your eyes. Such excessive UV exposure can lead to cataracts in some cases. Wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from these UV rays. Just make sure that the tint is sufficient enough to protect your eyes – some cheap sunglasses are unlikely to be tinted enough to make a difference.


Get regular eye tests

Booking a regular eye exam can help to detect any sight problems early. The likes of short-sightedness aren’t easy to spot straight away and you could be causing further damage to your eyes by not get these sight problems corrected there and then. Your local optician should be able to book in an eye test for you. There are even some opticians out there that offer free eye tests.


Eat the right foods

Your diet can also have an impact on your eyesight. Eating lots of junk food and not getting necessary vitamins into your diet can put you at a greater risk of cataracts. It can also increase the chance of contracting diabetes type-2, which is a leading cause of blindness later on in life. Foods that are great for the eyes include nuts, lettuce, carrots, fish, and pork. Try to cut down on your consumption of sugar and processed fats – anything that effects your waistline could also be damaging your eyes.


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