Easy Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Putting yourself first can often come last, it’s very difficult when there are other people to take care of, life can get so busy and all of a sudden you realise that you’ve paid yourself no attention, you’ve been ignoring your own needs and not looking after yourself. So here are a few easy ways you can look after yourself without having to think about it and without having to make extra time for it – although sometimes you do need to make time for yourself, so don’t forget that:


Work Out

Yes, finding time for this can be tricky but make time, even if it’s just ten minutes a day, to begin with. Getting up early and heading outside for a walk or run – for free, it clears your head and gets you ready for the day. Then there are the obvious health benefits, socialising if you meet friends or go to a class and make friends and it also keeps you in touch with the outdoors.  


Get Enough Sleep

The scientific benefits of sleep are innumerable. The more rest you get, the happier you are, the better health you have and your decision-making will be improved. Getting enough sleep also detoxes the brain and recharge your batteries which enables you to do your best work and be at your best when you need to be.


Talk To Your Friends And Family

That is what they’re there for. You do it for them so make sure you make the most of them too. Your friends and family are your biggest supporters and even if you are having a very stressful and busy day, pick up the phone for a few minutes to say hi to your Mum or your best friend, and talk about the good things that are happening in their lives. It will keep you grounded.


Listen to a podcast

Finding a quiet moment to sit in the corner and read a book might be a bit much to fit in and to ask of you, but a podcast which you can listen to in the car or while you’re walking somewhere is a great way to stimulate your brain. Listen to something non-business-related, try something on health or mindfulness such as Bulletproof Radio and Buddhist Geeks.


Make the most of subscriptions

Technology has given us gifts, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about using them, you make the most of them, whether its a razor or toothbrush subscription which makes your shopping that bit easier, you know it’s taken care of and it’s one less thing to worry about. It could be a treat box you subscribe to which comes and surprises you every month. Use it, enjoy it and take care of yourself.


Eat Well

Again it might seem a bit much to ask but when you get down to it, how long does it take to make a nutritious meal as opposed to putting some processed food in the oven? There are tools to make chopping quicker or pre-chopped or spiralised veg already done for you. Taking care of your body is one of the most important things you can do to look after yourself. Make a nice dinner, and if you make a bit extra, that’s lunch sorted for the next day too.


Wake Up Earlier

Yes, you need to get enough sleep, so go to bed earlier too. Waking up earlier gives you that productive hour before everyone else starts imposing on your time. It’s time for you.



You might think you don’t have time to delegate, but it will save you time in the long run. If you’re trying to juggle work and home, then you need to delegate some of your responsibilities successfully. If you’re uncomfortable or out of practice, start small and delegate more as you see how well things are working. There are benefits to everyone (including you) when you delegate your workload appropriately.


Hire Help

Don’t feel bad about it. People make a living off ironing, cleaning, dog walking and if you need the help and have the money or can justify the cost, then go for it.


Plan Ahead

Before you go to bed, make sure you do these five things to avoid that dreaded morning scramble. Create your schedule for the next day, try planning it backward. Try setting a theme for each day of the workweek to keep your productive momentum high. It doesn’t take long, but once you have your head around it, you’ll be sorted.

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