We Have Let In Too Many Artificials Into Our Homes

Sadly, homes have become more and more unnatural the further we have advanced in civilization. It’s not the end of the world by any means, but the beauty that our homes once possessed has almost disappeared. Nowadays we don’t think much of it, but have you ever smelled your home? The next time you walk into your home after opening the door, take a good whiff. You’ll probably get a bland smell of chemicals and a faint odor of clothes.

If this is making you nod in agreement, why do you put up with it, or rather yourself? Only you can change the way you live and alter the home for it to become more natural and earthy. We don’t always need to buy the cheap stuff, even though it makes financial sense. It might be simple and cheap, but it doesn’t help the way we feel in our home or the quality of life we experience. Here’s how you can make a fresh start.


Chemicals are the enemy

We use complex chemicals in our home to do the cleaning. Destroying stains on the walls, door, skirting boards and the floors, these strong chemicals do help to maintain our living space. However, they shouldn’t be our first choice as mother nature already has many solutions to our cleaning problems. Natural cleaning products are biodegradable and often use acidic fluids found naturally in foods, plants, and flowers. Citrus-based cleaners are also a popular choice as they also create a pleasant smell, albeit a little sharp, as they dry on a surface.

As you have probably already seen, Aloe Vera-based cleaners are also very popular as the plant’s liquid is very helpful in cleaning clothes, as well as ridding the toilet of germs. Shower cleaners are usually full of chemicals with a slightly toxic base, hence why it’s recommended to leave the windows open for a few hours after you’re done. However, you can buy a natural shower and bathroom cleaners made from tea tree and natural soaps that clean just as well, and leave behind a nice scent.


Artificial scents are hollow

It’s strange how oil scent diffusers have taken off and the marketing campaigns show them to be ‘natural’. One could argue that the oils may have some natural elements but they are manmade to an extent. Why, do we rely on diffusers when we can inject a natural smell into our homes? Artificial scents are hollow, you get a sense of what the tone is but there’s not discoverable smell that you can pick up right away without it being overly sweetened and exaggerated. A bouquet of flowers from Scent & Violet Florist in one of their handmade rangers is the kryptonite of artificial smells.

They put different seasonal flowers, bunch them together to create flowers that create a purely natural smell, straight from the wild. Some examples of their style include the classic ‘dozen roses’ of different colors and kinds. One of the best in the autumn breeze bouquet, that mixes in some plants with the flowers to give you an earthy scent mixed with delicate neutral smells. Since this is focussed on the fall, there are bright flowers mixed in with brown and dull green plants to make a balanced arrangement. Something like this placed around your home is what makes a real smell that cannot be imitated by an oil scent diffuser.


Wax and soy candles

Petroleum-based candles emit fumes that we cannot see and possibly not even smell. At the very least, we don’t recognize the harm they do to us in the home. They make us feel tired, at a loss of appetite and sometimes even lead to cancer. Far better to spend a little more and buy a beeswax candle, and yes these can come in a honey scent.

One of the more popular choices is the coconut vegetable wax, mixed with plant and flower-based oils. Flowers can be crushed and purified, then poured into the wax to create a beautiful smell. The only thing unnatural about this kind of candle you might find is the artificial color; although this is purely for marketing purposes. If you want something less powerful than those two options, you can go for a cotton-wicked candle made from palm wax. These can be infused with drops of cinnamon to gently waft throughout the home and slightly sweeten the air.

Don’t you ever get tired of your home feeling like it’s been copied and pasted out of a catalog? The more artificial things we place in our homes, the further we go from the beauty of nature. Start now, and make some changes that will inject a little more of nature into your home.


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